In a Vase on Monday: Autumn Joy

The sedum included in this vase may not actually be S spectabile ‘Autumn Joy’, but I suspect it is as I have had it for many years, probably bringing it from previous gardens; in those days there were no such things as garden centres and the only plants readily available were some very basic shrubs like forsythia, ribes, berberis and the like, and a few tough herbaceous perennials like this sedum, always ‘Autumn Joy’. It’s certainly too long in the tooth to have its name change to hylotelephium!

Anyway, as part of my revamp of one of the main borders I chopped my plant into 2 or 3 pieces before replanting a single section, to rejuvenate and reshape it. I could have potted up the remaining sections to sell at our next open garden, but it’s a plant that most gardeners seem to have already, and it’s easy enough for me to grow new plants from cuttings. Before binning (rather than composting) the other sections, I cut the flowering stems off and popped them in a temporary vase, before deciding to use them as a basis for today’s IAVOM. Joining them in the matte chrome yellow jug are some of the stinking iris I foetidissima stems I showed yesterday, and the autumnal shades of Amelanchier lamarkii. A sprig of crab apple Malus ‘Evereste’ serves as a prop.

Wherever you are and whatever season your garden is displaying, if you would like to join us on IAVOM, just pick material from your garden or forage it locally, pop it in a vase or jam jar, and share it with us by leaving links to and from this post.

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28 Responses to In a Vase on Monday: Autumn Joy

  1. Noelle says:

    What a delightful and colourful arrangement. Here is my offering this week:

  2. I live using these big sedums in a vase – they’re unexpected and can add some weight (literally) to an arrangement. Yours go perfectly with the autumn coloured foliage and the vase. I’m down to the final few weeks of flowering season….

    • Cathy says:

      Yes, and yet it’s so easy to overlook them because they are so ‘ordinary’. I am sure you will make the most of the rest of your flowering season before your long cold winter… ⛄

  3. Cathy says:

    Joyful! The foliage is such a pretty accompaniment to Autumn Joy…. which I think is probably the best of all the Sedums I have ever tried growing, never letting me down. 😃 Thanks as always. Here is my vase for today:

    In a Vase on Monday: Silver and Gold

  4. Wonderful celebration of fall and the jug is the perfect accompaniment. I never had any luck with Autumn Joy while living further north. I suspect it needed the Chelsea chop. Do the fall leaves last in the vase? Here is my totally different vase! Thank you for hosting.

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  6. Beautiful colours! I love the iris seedheads. Here is my hasty little bunch: Thanks for hosting, Cathy.

  7. Kris P says:

    Now that arrangement really sings of autumn! Sedum is one genus of succulents (along with Sempervivum) that doesn’t grow well in my climate – the plants generally last not much longer than a season, which is a pity. I have an orange-y/apricot dahlia to offer this week but it says summer rather than fall to me. Thanks for hosting, Cathy, and here’s my post:

  8. Oh such warming autumnal joy in your vase this Monday Cathy. I’m sure that I had the very same sedum many moons ago in the first house I lived in with himself. I certainly remember life before the advent of garden centres and my parent’s garden when I was a child contained all those plants you mention 😂 Many plants passed from neighbour to neighbour and eventually all along the street back then. My vase this week is here :

  9. pbmgarden says:

    Those colors look wonderful together. A lovely autumnal arrangement Cathy. Glad to be joining you a little later than usual. I grabbed a few minutes here and there and managed to finish a vase. I had cut sedum (a piece that had fallen over) to feature today too but it ended up mostly as filler instead. Thanks for hosting.

    • Cathy says:

      I hadn’t consider using this foliage before but must remember it for next year – and it might be a good contender for preserving with glycerine…

  10. Horticat says:

    This just sings autumn, Cathy! The colours meld together seamlessly and I love the addition of the orange berries – nothing says autumn like berries 🙂

    This week, my bunch spring bunch features shades of orange too:

    • Cathy says:

      THank you, I was pleased with the result of this. The berries are lasting well in the vase, but the leaves are beginning to shrivel now

  11. tonytomeo says:

    ‘Autumn Joy’ reminds me of ‘Sometimes you feel like a nut. Sometimes you don’t.’ This would have been the first year for Sedum spectabile in my garden, . . . but it got eaten by rabbits.

    • Cathy says:

      Haha – I had to Google that jingle, Tony, as it meant nothing to me, not having made it across the Atlantic!! (neither me or the Jingle!) … 🤣

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