End of Month View: Autumn Gets its Feet Under the Table

A few nights with temperatures dipping below 5°C seem to have triggered a colour change in many trees, and an unusually damp afternoon saw me rambling quickly through the garden, taking photos and recording a  video to mark the end of another month. Although we have had a number of showers since our drought-like conditions ended, this is the first persistently wet afternoon since, I suppose, sometime in spring, and coupled with the cool breeze and grey skies it might be classed as dismal. However, it may have inconvenienced my EMOV photography and left me with wet legs and damp cuffs, but it is nevertheless part of life’s rich tapestry and personally I wouldn’t call it dismal or dreich; I suspect, however, that this is a turning point and autumn is well and truly with us, the forerunner of a gradual winding down of the garden over winter.

Unlike me, you can ramble round the garden in the warm and dry, starting with the view from the back of the house (above), and the streamside and shrub border (below), the latter shown from the opposite end too, the view and my path impeded by the ladder left by the Golfer after picking most of the rest of the apples.

Next, the woodland, the view from the bothy at the end of it, and the latter area shown from ground level, the wind sculpture spinning merrily in the breeze. There is minimal colour other than green in these borders now, and the little foliage left on the hostas after the dry summer is now dying down too.

Some of the roses under the clematis colonnade are still in bloom and there may be a handful of clematis flowers, but for a little while it will be foliage that provides the most colour, like the two witch hazels at the entrance to the woodland edge border. Beyond this, the grasses corner has filled out since it was planted but is currently windswept, and the two anything-goes beds are clinging to whatever blooms they can:

The dahlias are probably at a late peak now, but I am mindful that a frost could strike them down at any time, although last year our first frost was not till early November.  Scabious, tithonia, sunflowers and zinnias, along with tatty calendula, are the mainstays of the other cutting beds, but I may begin removing some of the remaining occupants soon:

I have been working on the blue & white beds this week, refilling the main border and adding plants to the corner where the dead stump was removed from. The other section(not shown) still needs attention, although 2 new clematis have just been added. Beyond this area, the rose garden is pretty bare and as we continue under the clematis colonnade and through the main borders we might see some gaps have appeared, where undeserving or over-dominant plants have been removed.

Heading back towards the house, the ex-snowdrop (obelisk?) border has begun to fill up again but is still short of a structural shrub or two, to be accompanied by some perennials with winter interest too. Looking back at the house from the adjacent ‘Tai chi lawn’ shows the view still blighted by temporary washing lines – but our Aga engineer will be with us on Tuesday, so normal cooking, heating and drying services will be resumed soon…hurrah, we can hardly wait!!

The Coop Corner may be short on colour (although will be getting an obelisk and clematis of its own, for added interest in future years), but the Coop itself has a pleasing group of  streptocarpus and promising buds on some nerines:

No doubt the end of October will come more than soon enough and paint a very different picture, but there will always be something to observe and enjoy whatever the month or the weather. If you would like to see a more rounded view of the garden as it is now, why don’t you watch the video below? You can check out the route taken and the usual locations of the photos by clicking on ‘The Garden’ tab above.

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16 Responses to End of Month View: Autumn Gets its Feet Under the Table

  1. Going Batty in Wales says:

    It is very autumnal here too and the wellies have come out of their summer hibernation!

  2. Rosie Amber says:

    So much to see even in your October garden, thank you.

  3. Heyjude says:

    The view from the back of the house is rather pleasing. Lots to see still.

  4. Oh all is looking decidedly autumnal now Cathy what a splash of colour from those dahlias. Will save your September video as a treat for one of those persistently rainy afternoons that must be in store for us as autumn unfolds 😂

    • Cathy says:

      Haha – Friday was definitely one of those here, Anna, but ut was a pleasant w/e although no time for gardening sadly…desperately need to get some deadheading done and raspberries picked 🙄

  5. Cathy says:

    Lots of loveliness, despite the rain! I admired your golden crab apples and the autumn colours everywhere. You seem to be a bit ahead of us this year. I always enjoy a peep at what is growing in the Coop as well. 😃

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