A Few Things on Sunday

I seem to have been playing catch-up or catch-forward a lot recently, with several posts scheduled ahead and concentrated blitzing of replying to comments when time allowed, and I apologise for my overall neglect of blogging friends and their blogs. I have had a little more time this week to get on with those always-pressing garden tasks, but they are very much curtailed by the shortness of the days. In between tasks I have noticed that more of the native snowdrops are making their way above ground (above), still a long way off their carpeting splendour.

In the working greenhouse I have been able to pot up my dahlia tubers ready for winter storage, for the first time skipping the intermediate stage of storing in boxes; as I did so, I realised that some of the tubers were not fully dry so I have erred on the side of caution and brought them into the house till I can sure they and the recycled compost are completely dry. With the tubers out of the way, this weekend also saw bubblewrapping of the greenhouse, taking the edge off inevitable lower temperatures, and with a bit of luck the Winter Sunshine sweet peas, looking particularly healthy this year, will get planted out in the greenhouse bed sometime this week.

With most of the leaves off the trees, sweeping them up can continue with a vengeance, and whilst creating leafy piles today I began to realise why people say that Anemanthele lessoniana seeds around. It takes a  couple of years to settle in but my goodness after that it seems to be on a mission to control the world! Fortunately, it’s easy enough to pull out, but I would be happy with a lot fewer to pull out in the first place…!

Also settling in after a couple of years, but with a more acceptable outcome, is a replacement Clematis cirrhosa ‘Freckles’, rewarding my labours and surprising me today with a little cluster of flowers:

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4 Responses to A Few Things on Sunday

  1. Noelle says:

    That clematis is quite cheery at this time of the year. I bet you did a big tidy up at the same time as lining the glass house with bubble wrap.

    • Cathy says:

      Haha, how I chuckled when I read this, Noelle 😁 In a way you are half right because I did consciously think that the g/h needed a big tidy up – but it certainly didn’t happen then and it is fairly low on my list of priorities at the moment. It’s mostly sweeping up soil that’s needed though, and it would certainly look all the better for that, which is not in fact a big job

  2. Anna says:

    Between lack of daylight and a permanent state of drip here it has been impossible to do anything in the garden Cathy. At least the next few days look drier which is promising and most of the festive preparation is done 😄 Hope that you can get out to play more often. So cheering to see the snowdrops emerging. Those sweet pea seedlings look brilliant.

    • Cathy says:

      Shame about the ‘state of drip’, as we have had very little precipitation here, and I have managed to play more this week, especially with some welcome Covid cancellations

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