What’s Blooming in October?

Well, the dahlias of course, and showing no signs of stopping either. The blooms may be smaller than they were earlier in the season, and there may have been a few casualties when stems have become top-heavy, but they have been a joy to behold since June and well worth every ramble to the bottom of the garden.

Given sufficient time in the next few days, most of the adjacent cutting beds will be culled, leaving just a half-bed of zinnias and some late-flowering antirrhinum, the latter certainly not the scarlet they were meant to have been:

There have been some drizzly days this week, but on days like these the greenhouses have also been a pleasure to visit, the working greenhouse for its healthy crop of cuttings and autumn sown seedlings, and the Coop for a number of plants happily flowering at the end of this autumnal month, including a number of pelargonium, some of my growing collection of streptocarpus, seasonal nerine and the statuesque still-standing head of Eucomis pole-evansii:

In pots and baskets elsewhere are the Busy Lizzies mentioned last week, fragrant nemesia, self-seeded nasturtium and the surprisingly still-colourful baskets of petunia at the front of the house:

Persicaria are always reliably flowering at this time of year and I have numerous varieties, some of which are shown below:

Other oddments include a range of sedums, Verbena bonariensis, Japanese anemone, Knautia macedonia and ornamental oregano:

Finally, it is a joy to still have roses, albeit not on every bush or climber and with some buds succumbing to the dampness of recent drizzly days and failing to open; those that have opened, however, are still blessed with fragrance, detectable when one’s nose is buried amongst the petals and also by foraging bees and other insects. Overnight temperatures are once more beginning to drop, however, and every week the garden is closer to its first frost of the season which will bring the inevitable demise of most of the roses and other bloomers, so I will continue to enjoy them while I can, whilst anticipating the pleasures of the winter bloomers which will replace them.

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8 Responses to What’s Blooming in October?

  1. Anna says:

    So much colour still Cathy which must be giving you great pleasure. You have to love those plants that just keep on giving.

  2. bcparkison says:

    Envie…just beautiful

  3. nelliecat4 says:

    Lovely to see all that late colour, and I rather like the non-scarlet antirrhinum.

  4. Heyjude says:

    Still so very colourful in your garden, lots of pinks and purples I notice.

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