End of Another Month

Every month it’s the same, it no sooner starts than it finishes – or that’s how it seems, as September has certainly gone in the merest blink of an eye. Weather-wise it has been a mild month of sunny periods and the occasional light shower. Overnight temperatures are dropping, but the lowest was only 6°C, and daytime has often seen temperatures in the 20s with a short spell over 30°C. The showers have been welcome, refreshing a very dry garden and bringing 50mm of rain. Still giving colour to the garden are several roses, persicaria, sedum and more, with pots of Busy Lizzies and also the dahlias and annuals in the cutting beds. No real sign of leaf fall yet, but as temperatures start to drop things will change quite quickly.

Rose ‘Lady Emma Hamilton’ has been a real stunner in the latter part of this season, dominating the view from the back of the house (above), but there are a number of roses still flowering in the adjacent shrub border shown below from both directions, although not with as much jubilation as Lady Em:

The woodland is beginning to house more than just early spring treasures now, with arum and Cyclamen hederifolium now adding colour, and a number of new ferns and other woodland plants:

From the bothy at the far end you can look down over the main borders, still leafy and with a smattering of blooms; also shown is the same area from ground level and the adjacent clematis colonnade and bronze heuchera bed:

From there we head through the woodland edge border, viewing it from both ends, before reaching the ‘bold borders’, which I think need to be renamed the ‘Anything Goes’ borders, as however hard I try they are still predominantly pink and purple, with only the occasional splash of something brighter or bolder:

Through the gate to the working greenhouse and cutting beds, the former with a good number of tomatoes still to be picked and plenty of life in the dahlias and some of the annuals still, although I seem to have missed photographing the latter!

Past the blue & white borders to the rose garden, then under the clematis colonnade and through the main herbaceous beds, before heading back to the house past the rainbow border:

Finally, let’s go down the side of the house to have a look in the Coop where there are some nerines beginning to flower and then on to the very overgrown Coop Corner, where the fairly new pink pussy willow dominates the bed and demands some as yet unplanned attention.

The still photos only give you a snapshot  of the garden, and will mean more to me as a monthly record than to anyone else. However, if you would like a more rounded picture why not watch the additional video, which may seem a little more hurried than some months as it was raining. You should be able to watch it below or by clicking on this link , depending on your device.



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13 Responses to End of Another Month

  1. Your yard and everything looks AWESOME! September always seems to go by so fast because October wants to sneak in before you are ready. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Brian Skeys says:

    I noticed at the beginning of the video a collection of new, I think Clematis, waiting to go in the garden. Preparing for next year Cathy? October is such an important month in the garden don’t you think with new, or also in my case, moving plants ready for an even better show next year!

    • Cathy says:

      Yes, Brian – I was hoping to order earlier in the year, but so many were out of stock in the spring. I could do with rehashing a couple of my borders too, taking everything out and editing before some go back – I suppose we will always be hoping for a better show!

  3. Cathy says:

    Although I have seen many tours around your garden I think I would still get lost! It is lovely moving from one area to the next, turning corners with a surprise at each. The woodland area is such a lovely contrast to the more formal beds and looks nice and welcoming in the rain. The coop will no doibr house a few things 😃

  4. Cathy says:

    Whoops. I was saying the Coop will no doubt house a few things that need overwintering. (Apologies for pressing the wrong button before I’d finished!)

  5. Anna says:

    Oh I enjoyed the tour, the music and was that a very fleeting glimpse of you too? Just like Cathy comments so many interesting twists and turns, all adding to the magic 😄

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