End of a Sunny Month View

February will leave us with the impression that it was a generally sunny month, and a fairly dry one too, with our weather monitor confirming we had only 38mm of rain, unlike stormy February last year when we had 130mm! The maximum temperature was 16°C and the minimum -6°C, with the milder days triggering a range of garden tasks.

One task I intended to carry out ‘over winter’ was clearing and revamping the narrow streamside border on the other side of the pergola in the above picture, now riddled with couch grass, but it wasn’t one I was rushing to do as it was unlikely to be straightforward, sandwiched as it was between the paved area and the stream itself, with the added complication of the butyl stream liner under part of it. Realising that it is now more spring than winter, I prevaricated a little more yesterday, then finally got stuck in, aided by the Golfer, lifting some of the slabs, removing the plants I wanted to keep and thinning them as required, and painstakingly teasing out as much couch grass root as possible. Lifting the slabs made the job easier and after a couple of afternoon’s work it is almost done, although the border will look very empty when the plants are put back but at least the stream will be less hidden!

And that’s my explanation for the upheaval on the paved area, evident in some of the photos and on the video, so let’s have a quick ramble and see what’s changed during February, continuing with the adjacent streamside grass, now full of crocus and narcissi:

The woodland, with bluebells, wild garlic and fritillary foliage clumping up:

The view from the bothy at the end of the woodland, looking out over the main borders, and the same areas from ground level:

The woodland edge border, carpeted in snowdrops and dripping with hellebores, from both directions:

The three bold borders, which I shall be working hard to embolden this year, still look anything but bold, but new shoots are increasingly visible:

Through the gate to the nursery beds and the working greenhouse:

The blue & white border and rose garden, again with not much going on but new growth evident:

Through the main borders:

And back towards the house, past the special snowdrop border:

Finally, a quick peek into the Coop and round the back at the Coop Corner:

It’s hard to believe that in a couple of months the garden will be full of abundance once more, with trees in full leaf, herbaceous perennials luxuriant in foliage, and early blooms of allium, aquilegia and astrantia filling some of the borders; in the meantime, however, there is plenty to enjoy in the garden as it transitions from winter to spring, so why not get a more rounded view by watching the monthly video?

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8 Responses to End of a Sunny Month View

  1. I love your coloured fencing, trellis and other features. They add a new dimension to the garden.

    • Cathy says:

      Thanks – I knew the grey-green colour was the perfect one as soon as I came across the shade, having already tried lots of unsuitable testers, but felt the dark grey was better choice for that fence.

  2. Cathy says:

    Your hellebores are wonderful again Cathy. It really does look like spring in your garden. Enjoyed the tour! 😃

    • Cathy says:

      Thanks Cathy, although I was just trying to remember what comes next, before the alliums and aquilegia begin – perhaps it is just foliage clumping up? Mind you, the hellebores will probably keep going till April

  3. Heyjude says:

    What a difference a month makes! I bet it smells wonderful in your Coop!

    • Cathy says:

      Yes, there is always a certain ‘glasshouse smell in it, but now the hyacinths have kicked in and the first fragrant narcissi are opening. Bringing the hippeastrum into it once the buds appear slow flowering down, and keeps the stems shorter too, which to me is a big advantage

  4. Good morning Cathy,
    Lovely to see what happened in your garden in just 1 month of time.
    Happy springtime

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