Wordless Wednesday: a Recent Snowy Day

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  1. The garden looks spectacular, I love it. It was a good snowfall, I hope you don’t have any damage in the garden. You and the golfer stay warm at home. Very affectionate greetings from Margarita.

    • Cathy says:

      No, no damage Margarita. The photograph was from the previous week and the snow didn’t last long. We have only had a sprinkling this week – how about in Madrid?

      • It doesn’t snow in Madrid, it’s cold and last week it has been raining: blessed rain! Where it has snowed is in the Mountains of Madrid, less than 65km from the capital: the icy snow air was coming. Today the sun has risen and the temperatures have risen, but as of tomorrow the weather will worsen again for next week and the temperatures will drop. In Madrid cold in winter and very hot in summer: we hardly have time for intermediate temperatures. Cathy I hope you have good weather and good temperatures. Have a nice and happy week. Very affectionate greetings from Margarita.

        • Cathy says:

          Yes, a mild and pleasant day here today, Margarita – and I have to say I like the UK for its lack of extreme weather. Have a good week and stay safe

          • Cathy in Spain we have a lot of regions with different climates. The Cantabrian area has a climate very similar to the United Kingdom, if not the same. There are other places with climates like Switzerland: snowy mountains in winter with valleys and in summer flower meadows with no more than 26ºC (I know this because I have been in Switzerland on vacation). The Mediterranean coast, which does not usually drop below 18 to 20ºC during the day in winter. Very cold places such as Teruel and its mountains, which are very cold in winter but do not exceed 30ºC in summer. High mountain climates. And many more climates. Madrid has its own. Spain has everything! Take care. Have a happy week. Very affectionate greetings from Margarita.

          • Cathy says:

            That’s really interesting, Margarita, I had no idea the regions were so different

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