Let There Be Light…

…and there was light, once the oak tree had been cut down to size.

Having been planted in what I called the woodland edge border, the plants underneath the canopy can all cope with a certain amount of shade, but many would be happier if they were less dry and will have relished the sharp shower we had yesterday, a brief respite from the recent heat and humidity. If you look at the recent aerial photograph of the garden you can see just how much tree cover there is in the garden, and this extract shows the extent of the oak’s canopy:

The silver birches only cast a light shade, whilst the self-seeded ash is in our neighbour’s garden and is being removed in the autumn, so this too will make a big difference to the amount of sun the garden receives.  The sun rises to the lower left of this picture, bringing with it the possibility of several hours of morning sunshine, and I am confident we will notice the difference in due course, as we have when other trees have been removed. David Austin recommends that roses receive at least 4 hours of sunshine a day, and there is no doubt that the rose garden is one of the areas that will benefit, as some parts of it probably don’t currently meet this requirement, especially towards the back fence where the roses miss out on late afternoon and early evening sun.

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5 Responses to Let There Be Light…

  1. Heyjude says:

    It is going to be a whole new garden now!

  2. Lisa at Greenbow says:

    I bet your roses will bulk up and bloom like mad.

  3. Jackie Knight says:

    We did a similar thing, recently, and it is already making a difference, Tho’ I still miss the tree.

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