In a Vase on Monday: a Star in the Cosmos

Sidestepping the glorious dahlias, I went to the other end of the cutting beds and picked some cosmos for the first time this year. They have been flowering for a number of weeks already but only in ones or twos, so I waited till they were giving more generously and there were enough to fill a vase.

These Double Click cosmos have been my go-to variety for a few years, with Double Click Cranberries and Double Click Snow Puff joined this year for the first time by Double Click Rose Bonbon. I love their frilliness and the variable inner ring of petals, and they never fail to disappoint. Today they are popped into one of my larger Caithness Glass vases with a few Briza maxima stems, pulled out of a pot. The star is a seedhead of Allium cristophii, retrieved with several other seedheads from the border realignment I have been working on.

Simple but pleasing, and taking only minutes to put together, this vase is a typical example of ‘pick and plonk’ although admittedly I did trim the stems to a similar length and tried to untangle the Briza seedheads which have a habit of entwining themselves around each other. If you have not joined in with IAVOM before, perhaps you could spare a few blooms from your garden and the short time it takes to pop them into a vase or other receptacle, where they will undoubtedly bring you pleasure in the coming days – and leave links to and from this post if you would like to share them with the wider IAVOM community.

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  3. Cathy says:

    Beautiful! πŸ˜ƒ Cosmos can be so pretty popping up here and there in the garden, but put together in a vase they are really lovely! I havenβ€˜t grown any other of the Double Click apart from Cranberries, but am very taken by the pink one you have. Where do you get your seed from Cathy? Chiltern Seeds? Here is my contribution for today. Thanks Cathy xx

  4. So pretty! I really must grow some cosmos next year, I need more colour. Here is my vase:

    • Cathy says:

      Thanks Sandra – I have found them pretty reliable and once you have decided you find a variety that you like you won’t want to be without them. These aren’t as tall as some

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  6. Very soft and lovely Cathy! They’ve never grown well for me, and I had given up trying, but maybe I should try again after seeing yours. I think I like this double variety better than the single and I’m a person who usually prefers singles. Do they last very long in a vase?
    Thank you again for hosting us.

    • Cathy says:

      Thanks Cindy – I have not had a problem growing them but I always start them off in a seed tray and most of them go in the cutting beds as my borders tend to offer too much competition. They certainly last a number of days in a vase, especially if they are picked before the blooms are fully open.

  7. jenanita01 says:

    I really love the cosmos foliage, the perfect foil for these lovely flowers…

  8. Such a simple, yet effective, vase. I suspect Cosmos need consistent moisture, which is why they haven’t done so well in my garden. Seeing yours, however, makes me want to try again!

    • Cathy says:

      MIne are certainly fine in the cutting beds, Chris, but there is too much competition in the other borders although I did add some of a shorter variety which is now in flower

  9. Anna says:

    Oh how pretty Cathy – fabulous flowers and ferny foliage too πŸ˜„ I have grown ‘Cranberry Click’ and intended to so again but somehow I forgot! I am in desperate need of a better memory jogging system. I like the look of ‘Rose Bonbon’ too and ‘Snow Puff’ although I usually grow the white ‘Purity’ most years. This year I have grown ‘Apricot Lemonade’ but it has really still got to get going. The allium is a star indeed especially for looking so good for so long. My vase celebrating summer’s brief return is here :

    • Cathy says:

      Thanks Anna. I won’t end up with quite as many allium seedlings having moved several seedheads over the course of my projects but I do have a potful of mixed allium bulbs…! How have you got on with C Apricot Lemonade? One I am still unsure of…

  10. pbmgarden says:

    So lovely Cathy! The best vases are those you can compose easily and they look like a million dollars. Yours is that kind today with delightful cosmos. Haven’t grown cosmos in years and haven’t known of Double-click, but will have to find a spot and get going again. Have a great week. Appreciate your hosting us.

    • Cathy says:

      Thanks Susie – when I first grew it and tried to plant it out in the borders my cosmos didn’t do well at all, but it does well in the less crowded cutting beds!

  11. I love Cosmos, but have had no success here. Did you start them in pots? I love the Click hybrids and have seen them on Cathy’s (word and herb Cathy) blog, then couldn’t find any in the US…maybe they are here now and I will try again. My mother always grew the old fashioned kind that were five feet tall. As always, I love your glass vases. I think you are inspiring a Cosmo revolution. Here is my tropical mash up

    • Cathy says:

      All my seeds are started in quarter size seed trays, Amy, either in the house next to the warmth of the Aga (range) or in the g/h, depending on the time of year. I prick them out individually into 12 cell trays then pot them on into 6 cell trays. They were sown at the begiining of March and planted out towards the end of April, so it doesn’t take them ong to establish. Sadly I didn’t write down when they first started flowering, but it was probably early to mid June. I certainly prefer these to taller varieties, but that probably goes for most plants once they start attaining the same height as me!!

  12. Noelle M says:

    What a pretty case, and I love the title too. Do you enjoy crosswords? Here is my vase this week:

    • Cathy says:

      Thanks Noelle. Perhaps strangely, I have never got into crosswords – but I do enjoy sudoku with letters and puzzles like polygon and codewords, as long as they are not too easy! My desire to have the ‘right’ title probably stems from my poetry and having the ‘right words in the right order’, with the title often jumping randomly into my head before I start writing or as I write. My posts now sometimes begin with a very different title from the one they started with!

  13. the running wave says:

    What a great title for your vase today Cathy! And what a lovely vase too. I love cosmos – still waiting for mine to even think about throwing up a bud – and your double ones are a real treat! It never ceases to amaze me that you know the name of every plant in your garden. Not my forte at all! Wild flowers – yes! Amanda

  14. Kris P says:

    They are beautiful, Cathy! Cosmos always make me think of frilly prom dresses. I bought a 6-pack of Cosmos plugs recently as I hadn’t managed to sow any of the seeds I’d collected until just recently and those have only just germinated. Our miserable pandemic has certainly thrown my garden schedule off this year. I have a definite shortage of summer flowers at the moment but I still found some things to fill my vases of course:

    • Cathy says:

      Thanks Kris, and yes, these ones really are like frilly prom dresses. Hope your 6 pack does well for you – are they quite short lived in the heat? It would be a sad day when you couldn’t find any blooms for a vase, Kris!

  15. Eliza Waters says:

    Oh, very nice, Cathy. Double Click series are very pleasing. I, too, love the simplicity of a handful of similar flowers in a vase together.
    While my vases this week are not simple, hopefully, they are pleasing. πŸ™‚

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  17. A late join from me this eve.
    Will catch up on my reading later x

  18. tonytomeo says:

    They sure are fluffy. They are too fluffy to be cosmos. I remember when they became available, but they did not seem so fluffy in the pictures.

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