Six on Saturday: Dancing Girls

Hellebores are a little like exotic dancers, inasmuch as they take great delight in delaying their hidden delights, tantalising and teasing us before they finally remove their last veil and expose their true form. Anna’s Red is the greatest tease, exposing her dark red buds as they emerge from the shadows of the ground just enough to make our mouths water in expectation; her stems follow, equally dark and red, growing elegantly into graceful and lithesome limbs, thrusting upwards and flaunting the buds of promise. Nothing demure about her: confident and self-assured, when she feels the time is right she will brazenly go the whole way, head and shoulders above other hellebores, and flaunt her naked beauty.

Head bowed, Ellen Picotee is demure in comparison:

For modesty, Harvington Double White keeps her petticoats on…

whereas Harvington Double Lime is like the principal boy in a pantomime:

Coquettish Harvington Double Pink Speckled takes time over her toilette, her make up flawless…

… but Cheryl’s Shine is a thoroughly modern miss, a real English rose, with no need for blusher to accentuate her natural colouring, oblivious to the pollen that others might want to brush away, and just happy to be herself.

These are just some of the dancing girls in the garden, although most are still in their dressing room. Do I have a favourite? As I think someone else has said recently, it’s probably the last one I looked at – but seriously, how can you have a favourite when they are all so endearing in their very individual ways?

I hope you enjoyed the girls’ performance tonight; for other Saturday Six acts please visit Jon the Propagator’s blog.

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34 Responses to Six on Saturday: Dancing Girls

  1. bcparkison says:

    Just beautiful and you seem to know them well.

  2. Kris P says:

    What a beautiful collection you have!

  3. Pauline says:

    They are all gorgeous, how can you have a favourite!

  4. Hellebore is one of my favorite flowers; tried growing some a couple years ago but didn’t read up on their requirements and lost it early on in the hot Oklahoma summer. Shame, because it was a pretty green one much like yours. I’ll have to try again once I have a more permanent garden once more.

  5. karen says:

    Really gorgeous. I’ve moved most of mine and I’m so pleased they have all come up and are flowering away happily. They really cheer up winter Xx

  6. Heyjude says:

    Gorgeous girls indeed, hard to pick a favourite but Harvington Double Pink Speckled is quite the beauty.

  7. Noelle Mace says:

    A great line up, and wonderful words from the ‘narrator’.

  8. You have a beautiful collection there. I’m quite jealous 😊

  9. Anna says:

    Now that Anna sounds a rum ‘un Cathy. I could find room for them all in my garden but have a soft spot for ‘Harvington’s Double White’. Hope to visit a garden centre this week so maybe a chance to see ‘Cheryl’s Shine’ in the flesh. She looks most fetching.

  10. Cathy says:

    I love them all Cathy! The speckled one is particularly endearing.

  11. Lora Hughes says:

    They say you shouldn’t have a favourite child, but since these are yours & not mine, I can unabashedly say that Anna’s Red & the Speckled Pink are mine, hands down. Great collection of hellebore, there.

  12. Cathy your Hellebores collection is a sweet and beautiful dream. Anna´s Red I love it. Ellen Picotee is delicate. Harvington Double White is lovely. Harvington Double Lime has a color like no other. Harvington Double Pink Speckle is wonderful. I like Cheryl´s Shine very much. See all these fantastic Hellebores now in Winter in your garden should be wonderful, cheer your heart. Thank you Cathy for these magnificent photos that have made me happy. Greetings from Margarita.

  13. We don’t have anything to give to creator of this…

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