Six on Saturday: Heaps to Do

Yes, I know most of us are busy at this time of year and have heaps to do – that’s nothing new – but I can happily say, not in the least smugly, that any Christmas arrangements are complete, pending The Day itself. However, that doesn’t stop me getting on with things in the garden (weather permitting); on the contrary, it frees me up to do so, and hence the reason I have heaps to do:

Heaps of plants removed from one of the bold borders (deemed unsatisfactory) and temporarily planted up in whatever pots I could find:

Heaps of soil removed from the aforementioned border and miraculously distributed around the garden without leaving them overflowing:

From the photo it’s hard to gauge the amount of soil removed, but if you can imagine two courses of brick above the remaining edging on the right, this means over 9″ of soil has gone from the border, apart from a strip about 12″ wide against the wall…that’s a lot of soil, a lot of barrowloads, and a lot of steps gained discretely redistributing it, like a prisoner from Stalag Luft III prior to the Great Escape…

It also meant heaps of bricks, removed from the previously raised edging and cleaned up (left) and extras bought in from our local reclamation yard (right) to complete the project:

The project is a shot-in-the-dark really, borne out of frustration with the demise of so many plants in the border, as evidenced by the handfuls of redundant labels removed along with the heaps of soil. Only time will tell if the project, when completed, will be successful, and I was prevented from continuing with it today, by the arrival of another heap…

… a heap of chippings, courtesy of the young man we call Tom, Tom the Lumberjack’s son – as far as I know not a lumberjack’s son but the tree surgeon who recently removed two tree stumps for us. I usually top up the chippings in the fruit cage and on some of our informal paths every 2 or 3 years, and it occurred to me that he must accumulate a lot of chippings in the course of his work, so contacted him again to see what he did with them. I am still not sure how he usually disposes of them, but he said he would be happy to drop some off when he had a decent load, which just so happened to be today. He would have been even happier to drop off the whole lorry load but we managed to say ‘stop!’  before the heap was any bigger, far bigger than we needed it to be in fact.

A couple of hours later the heap had shrunk to a size we think a neighbour would be willing to accommodate, the fruit cage was spread with a generous layer, bark paths were newly redefined and a friend is coming tomorrow to rid us off as many bags as we can persuade her to remove! Definitely a good afternoon’s work for the pre-Christmas period, and not a mince pie in sight!

Jon the Propagator kindly hosts this Six on Saturday meme so do try and pop over to his blog to see what other people have been thinking about today.

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18 Responses to Six on Saturday: Heaps to Do

  1. I have a similar heap…

  2. bcparkison says:

    I need to do the same. Wonder when I might get to it now that the winter cold has dropped in.

  3. Nice job! I would like to have a heap of chips myself. I need to talk to the tree trimmers to see where they dump…

  4. Linda Casper says:

    You’ve been busy while I’ve been planning for next season in my head!

  5. Chloris says:

    How satisfying to get so much done. You need waders and/or a boat to do any work in my garden.

    • Cathy says:

      Fairly wet here too but thank goodness for paths to get about the garden (and how is yours coming along…?) – I still have garden shoes caked in mud and bark though 😐

  6. Jackie Knight says:

    Looks great!

  7. Brian Skeys says:

    I am intrigued to see what the ‘project’ is.

  8. A lot of work in the garden and I would love to have a lot of wood shavings like yours for my garden, it could be phenomenal. I am very intrigued with the “project”. Your projects are always wonderful. Greetings from Margarita.

  9. tonytomeo says:

    During my internship with a tree service in the Santa Clara Valley, I occasionally dumped loads of chips. It was amazing how many trees could fit into one truck.

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