In a Vase on Monday: Beyond Rubies

The deep, deep colour of Sedum/Telephinium ‘Purple Emperor’, far darker and richer than this picture suggests, had been calling me from the kitchen windows so was my first port of call when choosing blooms for today’s vase.

Joining it were dingly-dangly blooms of Fuchsia magellanica, the parent plant doomed to be removed having outgrown its dubious welcome by growing a couple of feet taller than it has done in previous years. Persicaria ‘Blackfield’ and flowering spikes of miscanthus (too wet to root amongst surrounding foliage to establish the variety) made up the rest of the contents, placed appropriately in the ‘handpicked with love’ vase given to me by lovely blogging friend Anna. Accompanying the vase are my only rubies, embedded in a zoisite ‘palmstone’.

I do, however, have something far more valuable than rubies – family and friends: immediate and wider family, friends from all walks of life and acquaintances that feel like friends. Let us never undervalue these relationships nor the joys of all friendly human contact: whether to family or friend or stranger, even a single word is a gift we can all give.

Do share your vases as usual today, but please excuse me from replying to comments this week, and from commenting on your vases; I will, however, try and read them all.

Poor light and inhospitable weather required indoor photography, so apologies also for the quality of the pictures


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24 Responses to In a Vase on Monday: Beyond Rubies


  2. Christina says:

    Love the color. Sedums are great aren’t they? I’ve posted today but I’m not sure I can add a link, sorry.

  3. What a deep ruby sedum. I have not seen that lovely color available here in the states. You only see fuscias here in the spring, most likely because it is so hot and dry. Yours are absolutely lovely!
    Linking not exactly a vase today, but an outside arrangement made for the season. I like to think of it as a large vase.

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  5. Noelle says:

    How right you are comparing people to rubies….and ‘propping up’ your musings with ruby coloured flowers. I can vouch for Purple Emperor being a great plant in the garden, and in the vase, and for bees too. Here is my IAVOM;

  6. AlisonC says:

    I was sorry to hear your sad news. It’s certainly a time for appreciating family and friends and the support they give. We appreciate you hosting IAVOM and the time it takes for you to comment and encourage everyone on their blog. We always appreciate your shared knowledge.
    Here is my vase:

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  8. Joanna says:

    Very pretty…red does seem to be a difficult color to photograph, especially indoors! I love your fuchsias! I had some in a hanging basket this summer but they are done now.
    It’s autumn foliage and flowers for me today…we have snow flurries in the forecast later this week!

  9. Joe Owens says:

    We have two shades of Sedum this year, but they are still not the pretty color you have here. I like using them to fill out a bouquet. This week I found a special lace to take a bouquet.

  10. The Sedum is great, but that Fuchsia! How perfect for the vase. It truly is end of summer here….

  11. the running wave says:

    Love sedums, along with all those precious pollinators. Love your fuchsia too! To my surprise, last year whilst doing a foraging workshop on Colonsay, I discovered that the wild fuchsia is edible! It just doesn’t look as though it should be, but I have to say it tastes fine and looks stunning in a salad! Some of my offering this week is edible too! Amanda

  12. The ruby palmstone is a wonderful thing. I love rocks. Sedum is not usually my favorite, but that one is gorgeous and perfect with the dramatic fuchsias. I hope all is well in your world. Here is my vase this week.

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  14. Cath Moore says:

    oooh! I’ve never seen Fuchsia in a floral arrangement before….I’ll keep than in mind. here is my entry

  15. Beyond rubies is a perfect title and a lovely thought for a Monday morning. I still can’t get used to plants changing their names after all the effort it took to learn them in the first place.

  16. Kris P says:

    I love the Sedum and the excessively exuberant Fuchsia.

    Family and friends are essential in good times and bad. Best wishes, Cathy. Here’s my post:

  17. pbmgarden says:

    Through hosting us each week, you’ve built up an expansive network of friends for yourself and for all of us. You’ve touched a lot of people. Hope you find peace this week.

  18. Cathy your vase is magnificent, I love her flowers. The sedum has a matchless ruby color, it is divine. Fuchsia is fantastic. The stone with embedded rubies is wonderful. Cathy, you are making a great effort hosting IAVOM every week. I know you’re going through a very bad time, but my heart is with you. I hope you have a better week. Greetings from Margarita.

  19. What a gorgeous pop of rich colour Cathy! It bought a smile to my face to see my vase honoured by your lovely flowers and grasses. As always you have the perfect prop up your sleeve. I am off to find out more about zoisite ‘palmstones’😄

  20. Eliza Waters says:

    Lovely bouquet and ‘zoisite palmstone,’ which I’ve never seen before.
    Have a great week, Cathy.

  21. tonytomeo says:

    Again, I am sorry I missed it. It seems I will never catch up. It is already Monday!

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