End of Month View: Hidden Disarray!

From last Saturday’s post, which featured a number of unidentified projects, you may have correctly assumed that we have a number of changes ‘on the go’; other than a single largely completed one, August’s End of Month View carefully ensures no hints are given. Suffice to say, all are more ‘improvement’ than ‘change’, but between them they do create some additional planting space – which is always a good thing in my book. The EOMV, however,  brushes these schemes aside in favour of a quick romp around the garden, starting with the usual view from the back of the house:

The streamside and shrub border, from the house and then from the far end:

The woodland:

View from the both over the herbaceous borders and the same borders from ground level, complete with fully functioning wind sculpture, turning simultaneously in two different directions in the wind, as it should be (hurrah!):

The clematis colonnade and its underplanting of roses, with the bronze heuchera bed in the foreground:

The woodland edge border from the same spot, and then looking back from the far end:

The three bold borders:

The cutting beds:

The blue and white borders and the rose garden, both difficult to portray because of their layouts:

Heading back towards the house with the snowdrop border and its white summer annuals on the right:

Peeping through the glass of the Coop:

And finally, inspecting the slightly shady border:

Excuse the rush – did you manage to keep up (do check out the map under The Garden tab above to get your bearings)? What I particularly noticed today was the huge amount of greenery,  a glorious comfort blanket of lushness that goes a long way to make up for any shortfall in August blooms. Do come again, when perhaps September and the impending autumn may soon begin putting paid to some of that lushness.

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5 Responses to End of Month View: Hidden Disarray!

  1. Love your cuting border. what soil and fertilizer do you use to keep it looking so lush? Also what plants are in there besides the dahlias? It looks like it belongs in a magazine!!

    • Cathy says:

      Aw thanks. I usually just add my own compost but last autumn I did add some bought-in manure. My seed sowing list is posted under one of the tabs (sadly not up to date though), and most of those went in the cutting beds. Still flowering are sunflower, cosmos, Ammi visnaga, cornflower, rudbeckia, amaranthus, calendula

  2. Brian Skeys says:

    It is looking very green and relaxed in places and very tidy in others. I like to see a relaxed garden with a look of the wild this time of year.

  3. tonytomeo says:

    How did I miss that paperbark maple?! That’s pretty sweet.

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