End of Month View: Who Stole July?

Having been casting a critical eye over the garden in the last few weeks I was wondering yesterday if I could incorporate my thoughts into an End of Month View post – and then I realised that the end of the month had been and gone! Even though there are certain August things I was aware of (and done!) my brain somehow hadn’t made the connection that July was over. But it is, and August is heading inexorably towards September and (dare I say it?) autumn…

My belated EOMV is therefore going to be quite minimal, and lacking the critical focus it might have had; it may also encompass tools and trugs, as there seem to be several tasks we are in the middle of, subject to the vagaries of August’s weather. You may not be able to see the sawdust on the paved area in the above photo, and this time the Golfer brought his power tools in when it started to rain, so you won’t see those either. Below, however, are some of the aforementioned trugs beside the streamside and shrub border:

Looking back towards the house from the other end of this last view:

Walking through the woodland towards the bothy:

Looking out at the main borders from the bothy, and the same borders from ground level:

The clematis colonnade:

The woodland edge border, from both directions:

The bold borders:

The cutting beds:

The blue & white border:

The rose garden:

Heading back towards the house, the snowdrop border and its white annuals:

A quick peek in the Coop:

At the back of the Coop, the shady border and the corner where the sink of miniature hostas will be moved to when I have finished building the new raised support for them:

So, there we have it, a quick gallop round the garden, devoid of comment or criticism which will come in a later post in due course. The one thing I noticed as I uploaded the photos is just how much greenery there is in the garden – to think that in two or three months a large proportion of that greenery will have gone, leaving just a skeletal framework in much of the garden. A winter garden has its own attractions though, and not just from those plants and shrubs and trees with seasonal benefits, but from the very starkness of that framework, and I shall take pleasure in rambling in this garden even in the deepest depths of winter.

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21 Responses to End of Month View: Who Stole July?

  1. jenanita01 says:

    You have a lovely garden…

  2. Has The Grinch been visiting Cathy? It’s amazing how quickly the year is turning. I’m trying not to think of autumn yet but with the arrival of bulb catalogues it’s hard not too. Your garden is already looking different to when I saw it. The shady border near the Coop has really knitted together well now – you must be most pleased with it.

  3. Heyjude says:

    It is still all looking lovely.

  4. tonytomeo says:

    Two or three months is a long time from now. There is not need to be concerned with it now, while you can enjoy all the foliage that is there now. The wisteria is not recognizable; or should I say, the house concealed by it is not recognizable.

    • Cathy says:

      Oh it’s OK, Tony, I am not concerned, I was just making a comparison, and yes, that elevation is completely different in the absence of wisteria foliage!

  5. Your garden is so magical! All the little areas, and the ingenious planting and the gorgeous aged look of the features (inspired brickwork in the rose garden and the paths!)… It’s looking absolutely lovely. Thank you for giving us a full tour – and I can’t wait for one in the winter!

    • Cathy says:

      Aw, thanks so much 🙂 All the walls and brick edging have been built with reclaimed bricks and the paths are mostly concrete stone effect slabs (Stonemarket Millstone) or paviors. I like using recycled bricks as they make such an immediate impact. Thanks for visiting!

  6. Cathy says:

    Yes, lovely and green Cathy! I am especially impressed with your cutting beds and the coop looks great with your tidy pots lined up. 🙂 I feel July escaped me too. Must make up for it before August slips away as well.

    • Cathy says:

      Cutting beds are great for the colourful impact they make, Cathy, although some things are over now and next year I need to start out with netting instead of waiting till things need staking. The Coop needs a ‘spring clean’ as it full of spiders’ webs (why? the other greenhouse isn’t) and petals dropped from the Busy Lizzies – I just love how it has that ‘glasshouse smell’ to it though. I do hope you are able to enjoy some gardening in August – will catch up on your posts shortly

  7. Goodness everywhere is looking great! You have been so busy

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