End of Month View: Different Bells, Different Whistles

After our third and final garden opening day of the year we can begin to assess the relative benefits of opening for three days instead of the two days of the previous two years. My first thought is that the roses are not as floriferous and openly fragrant as they were a week ago, but on the other hand the viticella clematis were only just beginning to open back then whereas now they are an increasingly riotous assembly of colour. Each year there will be different factors playing a part, so the choice of days will always be pot luck, but more of that later…in the meantime, if you were not able to visit the garden yourself, this is how it looked at the end of June (don’t forget there is a map under The Garden tab above):


The paved area and sitooterie above, Crown Princess Margarita on the left, viticella clematis on the pergola and underperforming pelargonium in the foreground; below, the adjacent streamside and shrub border, the splashes of colour in the latter from pots of lilies:

The same area from the opposite end, looking back towards the house (the red ribbon is to warn visitors of overhead hazards, in this case the low bough of an apple tree) :

Walk next through the woodland towards the bothy then climb inside and look out over the main borders and the clematis colonnade…

…then look out over the same borders from ground level, standing somewhere near the top left of the above photo…

If you swivel at this point and look behind you, you will see the mural at the back of the shed extension (built to house the scaffolding, tucked behind one of our many benches), a view I have rarely shown. The fish are a recent and perfect addition:

Turn around again and look to your right, at the colonnade with new roses around the ankles of the clematis, before walking through the woodland edge border, also shown from the other end. The signs were there to give our visitors an idea of what is in the garden in other seasons.

The bold borders are becoming more colourful:

Next, walk past the blue & white borders to the original rose garden where the newer additions will fill out in due course as they mature:

Heading through the clematis colonnade and past the main borders, back towards the house, you will walk past the summer version of the snowdrop border, filled with white annuals…

…then walk past the back of the house and have a peek in the Coop before continuing your visit to the shady border:

Although the arrow invites you to walk further, I omitted to take a photo of the shady courtyard it takes you to, so you will just have to visualise more pots of hostas and ferns before finishing with a virtual cup of tea and piece of cake in our pop-up cafΓ©…coffee? lemon drizzle? Bakewell tart? Plenty of choice….

Thank you for your visit – we hope you enjoyed it! Do come again…

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22 Responses to End of Month View: Different Bells, Different Whistles

  1. A lovely tour, thank you. Bakewell Tart please. πŸ™‚

    • Cathy says:

      Thanks Sandra – you need to see the full menu before you make your choice…lime and coconut is especially yummy… πŸ˜‰

  2. bcparkison says:

    the various levels and all of those pots are wonderful. Red ribbons were a good idea.

  3. Lisa at Greenbow says:

    Your garden looks fabulous. I am sure all the tourists enjoyed every inch of your garden.

    • Cathy says:

      Thanks Lisa – two ladies have come for the third year running and three people visited twice this year (with a different person), so there must be something good to be said about it!

  4. pbmgarden says:

    So impressive and inviting Cathy!

    • Cathy says:

      Thank you Susie – I enjoy an evening ramble just as it gets dark these days, as well as my daytime ones as there is just so much to notice and take in

  5. tonytomeo says:

    When we started opening the farm up to the public, it was only for a single day annually. It was so much work that we were not set up for. After a few years of that, we opened up for two consecutive Saturdays, and many guests came for both because there were different blooms each time. Eventually, we opened up for three or even four Saturdays!

  6. Heyjude says:

    You have so many areas of interest in your lovely garden Cathy, but what strikes me the most is how green and lush it all looks. I especially like the white border and the colour of all your trellises and benches (what colour is it btw?) and so many peaceful and cool places to sit and contemplate the views. If you have coffee and walnut on offer then I’ll have a small slice please, otherwise lemon drizzle will be fine πŸ™‚

    • Cathy says:

      Thanks Jude – there certainly is a lot of green, isn’t tgere?! Oh, and let me know when you are popping in and I will get the kettle on – the cake is waiting! The paint is Cuprinol Garden Shades ‘Wild Thyme’ and it is such a perfect colour…I sampled several until I found it

  7. Cathy says:

    Lovely to walk around your garden even if it isn’t quite like in person. Lemon drizzle cake sounds good! πŸ™‚

  8. WoW! You have some many plants in your garden. I love the way you walked us from room to room

  9. Cathy you have a garden that is a treasure. With so much variety of plants, so many flowers, so green and exuberant and magnificently designed, I love it. And the opening has been a success, I’m very happy for you. The red ribbons is a great idea, as are the arrows and posters. You think of everything. For me, just a glass of water that is not cold, thank you. Greetings from Margarita.

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