Wordless Wednesday: Peacocks and Pansies

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14 Responses to Wordless Wednesday: Peacocks and Pansies

  1. The butterfly is divine as is the photo. Greetings from Margarita.

  2. Island Time says:

    Wow! Great image!

  3. What a shot! I am obsessed with peacock butterflies. Alas, we don’t have them in Maine. I nearly swoon with delight just looking at a picture of one. Imagine if I saw the real thing. 😉

  4. Oh, so pretty! Perfect for a WW!

  5. bittster says:

    What a beauty! I’m always surprised to see butterflies so early in the season. They look so delicate, I can’t fathom how they manage the ups and downs of the weather at this time of year.

  6. A beauty and how obliging of it to rest long enough for you to take its photo. I hope that it’s taking shelter today. It’s so wild and windy out there!

    • Cathy says:

      It was on the pansies in the baskets at the front of the house when I drove home one day and I grabbed my phone to try and capture it. Anazingly it didn’t stir and although I couldn’t see the screen because the sun was so bright the result was at least one decent photo 😊

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