End of Month View: August Beckons

It is strange to think that tomorrow is another month altogether as the last few have flown past in a whirl of garden activity. Until very recently, August was an ’empty’ month on our calendar, with little planning ahead beyond our open garden days. Now, everything has quietened down in the garden  and the need for watering has lessened, activity is limited largely to gentle deadheading and an element of taxing the old brain cells as ways of ‘improving’ the garden are mentally deliberated. I use the term ‘improving’ rather loosely of course, as it’s more a case of ‘changing in the hope of gaining greater pleasure from the end result.’

June and July’s heat and drought have dumbed down much of the garden, with colour limited largely to the cutting beds, parts of the bold borders and pots on the paved areas, but there is still healthy foliage to appreciate, particularly from hostas and ferns. Nevertheless, providing views of the same areas of the garden from month to month, whether colourful or not, is a useful monitoring exercise and I am grateful to Helen the Patient Gardener who hosts the EOMV meme for providing the opportunity to do so. Don’t forget that there is a map under ‘The Garden’ tab above if you want to orientate the photo locations within the garden.

From the back of the house

Streamside and shrub border

Shrub border from the other direction

Woodland (very dry)

Main borders from the bothy

Main borders and hostas from ground level

Clematis colonnade and bronze heucheras

Woodland edge (also very dry)

Woodland edge from the other end

Bold Border 2 (I seem to have missed photographing no 1!)

Bold Border 3

Cutting beds

More cutting beds

Blue & white border

Rose Garden – Wot, no roses?!

Looking towards the house and still undecided about inserts in the new pergola

The new greenhouse and oops! there’s a notice I didn’t take down after the garden openings!

The new semi-shady bed

The shady courtyard

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13 Responses to End of Month View: August Beckons

  1. bcparkison says:

    Things stil look good to me. Is there water in the stream? Is it running oe dry bed.

    • Cathy says:

      It is a man-made (well, woman-made actually!) stream, and although I switched the pump off when there had been no rain at all it is back on now. I have it on a timer so it runs for 6 hours a day as it loses such a lot of water from evaporation when it is hot. It was running for our garden visitors though!

  2. Delightful and very interesting.

  3. Lisa at Greenbow says:

    Looks pretty good for being so dry. Hopefully the dry weather keeps the slugs at bay. Your hosta leaves look good.

  4. shutterbug says:

    That is one amazing walk through!

  5. Cathy in the magnificent photos everything looks good, except the forest that is seen in lack of water. I really like the first photo, the view from the house, it’s beautiful. I love the new pergola you’re doing. It is a pity that roses do not flourish. I hope with all my heart that the rain will return for a week. Greetings from Margarita.

  6. tonytomeo says:

    Your idea of a dumbed down dry garden is a whole lot greener than ours are even in spring! Someone else just posted pictures of another garden that is also considered to be drought stressed. Our idea of drought stressed is dust that blows in the breeze, not that we have that yet.

  7. I always love a virtual wander through your garden Cathy.

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