End of Month View: Has Havoc been Wreaked?

It may look that way but, rest assured, any apparent havoc has been wreaked in the name of  ‘Improvement’, although you wouldn’t think so at the moment!

Replacing the pergola that separates the paved area and streamside, continuing down the side of the sitooterie, is ongoing and once the structure was removed from the first section I took advantage of the situation and dug out the climbing roses and all the ferns that were growing along its length. The ferns came in 3″ pots from Morrison’s (a UK supermarket) in 2003/4 but were now massive specimens and hugely difficult to dig out; the original intention was to split them into a more manageable sizes and replant them but other options are now being considered, along with alternative planting options for the roses. The paved area has become a jumble of planters, benches and abandoned ferns and overall it has been quite a physical week!

The whole streamside area looks very different now the stream is not concealed by overhanging fern fronds and the bright yellow and red leaves of the witch hazels are somehow more prominent.

Despite the example set by the witch hazels, green is still very much in evidence as autumn creeps into the garden only very slowly, but every day we see more of his handiwork alongside the seasonal spider webs.

The woodland

The main borders from the bothy

The main borders from ground level

Acer griseum and bronze heuchera bed, with clematis colonnade behind

Woodland edge border, witch hazel ‘Arnold Promise’ in the foreground

Woodland edge border from the opposite end

Bold border #1

Bold border #2, partially overhauled

Bold border #3, largely overhauled: what a lot of nasturtiums are appearing in these beds of all of a sudden!

Cutting beds

More cutting beds

Whatever has happened to the blue & white borders?! (leaves courtesy of the amelanchier)

And to the rose garden?!

All will be revealed in due course, but in the meantime rain has stopped play and spade, paintbrush, saw and drill have fallen quiet…

I know several other bloggers have ongoing projects at the moment, so do go to Steve’s blog at Glebe House where he will be featuring what is happening in his garden at the end of September and where he is kindly hosting links to End of Month Views on other blogs.

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22 Responses to End of Month View: Has Havoc been Wreaked?

  1. ! Looks like an ambitious undertaking!

  2. I feel weary just looking at all the work to come. It will be beautiful. I am going to have a cutting bed next year. I can hardly wait. I have a bed that I am overhauling. It is fun to have a clean slate, sort of.

    • Cathy says:

      Perhaps a day will come when we are not able to do our own projects – hope not though! How exciting to be having your own cutting bed – you will enjoy it so much 😀

  3. AMAZING! I am speechless and that doesn’t happen often!

  4. Steve says:

    hi Cathy, I can feel for you. I have contractors in laying paving etc and a different contractor repainting the outside of the house and any day now a plumber arrives for some major work inside! In the end I am sure your changes will be worth it and give you the chance to rethink your planting etc. Good luck. PS thanks for the link to my site. Please add a link to yours in the comment box.

    • Cathy says:

      Not sure if it would be more disruptive having outside people to do jobs – at least we can pick and choose our times, although admittedly after painting the rest of the exterior of the house the front has still not been done (the gable is very high and it needs scaffolding and a ladder and probably a long handled roller too!)!

  5. Sally says:

    Hi Cathy, My, you have a bit of work ahead of you. I’m sure it’ll be amazing when you’re done. Oh, to have a small stream running through the garden! What a delightful idea. Looking forward to the end result!

  6. Very inspiring to see this in progress. Usually we only see finished gardens and always wonder how they did it. I am pulling out lots of plants and re-evaluating as well.

    • Cathy says:

      Thanks Linda – I couldn’t have hidden the work in progress in my EOMV! I still have plants to move around elsewhere too – it’s good to take stock and reassess what is and isn’t working, isn’t it?

  7. LisaDay says:

    Good luck. Looking forward to seeing the end result – as I am sure you are.

  8. Chloris says:

    I am fascinated by your work in progress. I thought I was keen on moving plants around but I expect yours duck when they see you coming too.

    • Cathy says:

      Yes, they probably do, Chloris, and will think themselves lucky if they make it to a halfway house instead of being disposed of or passed on straight away! I am now of the mind that I won’t put trimmed down ferns back on the ‘streamside edge’ after all so am working out more manageable alternatives…

  9. Cathy’s work is immense but the result will be beautiful. I am also making very small changes in the garden, which I hope will give their fruit in the spring. Many moods with their reforms in the garden. Greetings from Margarita.

    • Cathy says:

      Thank you Margarita, but the Golfer must take the credit for most of the work on the pergola – I am doing th painting and advising on the design! Hope you have a good week yourself

  10. Linnae says:

    Fall is a great time to do projects, isn’t it? Although I always feel an urgency in the back of my mind telling me to hurry–winter’s coming! (Perhaps that helps me get the projects finished.)

    • Cathy says:

      I am sure there is unconsciously some of that in it too, although I do recall chipping old mortar off bricks on a bitterly cold winter day one year…

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