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I know this bowl and the pillar supporting it are listing like the famous Leaning Tower of Pisa, but there is no need to fear as the bricks are stacked naked of mortar and are just to give me something to think about. The whole structure has since been dismantled and stored safely at ground level again:

This is one of the areas referred to in my ‘Pint Pot’ post earlier in the week, down one side of the house and leading towards the chickens’ enclosure. It has never really seemed part of the garden and despite the nominal raised ‘salad and winter veg’ bed it is in reality rather neglected. When the chickens have all gone to their heavenly chicken home the complete area will provide an opportunity for a fairly sizeable addition to the garden, but in the meantime part of it is getting a temporary revamp. The raised bed has been truncated, leaving a bed of around 1 square metre in size which I intend to use for sweet peas next year, hoping that their proximity to the house and the ease of access will mean they get cut more often.

Numerous bags of soil have been bagged up and stored in the chicken enclosure and most of the area has been repaved to continue the exiting path. The beautiful blue bowl was rescued from our local tip a few years ago and has been sitting astride a purpose built pillar in the blue & white border, where it has lost its way having been increasingly hidden by the luxurious growth of an echinops. The photo on the left shows it soon after installation, about 4 years ago, and before it became the home of a resident plastic swan. The swan flew in because the bowl needed something extra and I couldn’t decide what.

I have the same dilemma now, unsure yet if I even want to go ahead with a pillar, and if I proceed whether I want to use the blue bowl and if so what will be in the bowl! I had been considering a solar bubble fountain but it is not the sunniest of spots and I don’t want to deface the bowl and include an electric pump. A simple pond is an option, or an alpine or succulent planter, or no pillar at all and plenty of space for a variety of pots… I do want to use the bowl somewhere as it is a lovely item and the desire to recycle and repurpose runs deep in my veins; I also have a few broken decorative ceramic plates that are awaiting inclusion in some sort of project, as yet unknown, so the opportunities for the area are numerous. I foresee many contemplative visits being made to this corner until a decision is made!


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14 Responses to Just Another List

  1. I enjoy reading about projects you are mulling over. I have a bed that needs a remake. Maybe I should post about it and it will make me take action if I think anyone is watching. I think your blue bowl deserves a pillar to perch on. It is pretty and I know you will come up with something interesting to put in it. Do your chickens ever get to roam your garden? Do you keep them for eggs or manure or both? I always thought I might like a few chickens. Maybe I don’t really. I am satisfied right now just reading about them.

    • Cathy says:

      Thanks Lisa – sometimes inspiration takes a little while to strike! The chickens are for eggs and no, they don’t get to roam but I do wonder sometimes about a temporary fence round the streamside grass for an occasional afternoon or so to keep the grass down, but I wouldn’t want them loose in the garden!

  2. Wishing you discernment over the future of your lovely blue bowl!

  3. Cathy, that blue bowl has to be used on something. Surely his restless mind and inventor will find something interesting for him. I have to organize the garden tool room, the lawnmower, where I keep garden sacks and earthworm humus and horse manure, and woodsman at the same time. It’s chaos. I have to think how I put it because there is not enough room when it is overflowing with firewood. Sorry Cathy to talk about my personal things, but I’ve been leaving him 6 years and his lists have made me look red with embarrassment for leaving so much time and brain work! Greetings from Margarita.

  4. Cathy says:

    I love blue pots and have several on my front doorstep – the old and cracked ones just get plonked on a space in the garden and filled (or not) with plants. I have even used one blue saucer as a bird bath… perhaps an idea for your bowl?

    • Cathy says:

      It’s quite big though, Cathy – about 2 feet in diameter – which is why placing it is not easy, but I am determined to! The pillar here is a no-go, I have decided since I wrote the post 😉

  5. Ruth Hargraves says:

    Have you considered a miniature fairy garden in your blue bowl…

  6. Brian Skeys says:

    Do you have enough ceramic pieces to cover the pillar with the blue bowl on top as a planter?
    Oh! these restless minds.

    • Cathy says:

      I did consider that Brian, but sadly not – I think there are 3 large plates in the box, goods damaged in transit to a friend’s shop… But yes, my mind is buzzing with mini projects!

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