In a vase on Monday: Brian’s Dream Dahlias

Yes, he did indeed ply us with dahlias too, and my goodness haven’t we enjoyed appreciating these at close quarters! The quality and size of the blooms are just wonderful and the length and straightness of the stems show just what a semi-professional dahlia grower can do with their advanced knowledge and years of experience. I am in complete awe of their perfection!

Brian, the owner of the garden (see yesterday’s post), had worked in horticulture until he retired, including for a specialist dahlia/chrysanthemum company, and clearly loved his dahlias which were the mainstay of his garden. He was delighted to share this enthusiasm with an interested party and readily shared the names of all these dahlias and others I enquired about but without any means of recording them at the time I am afraid I haven’t got a proper record. My favourite was the glowing scarlet pompom or is it a ball? (I believe there is a technical difference in dahlia nomenclature!), which we were told is virtually the same as ‘Blyton Lady in Red’ which Brian also had but which he didn’t pick for us; both were just as stunning:

I recognised ‘David Howard’, a large decorative orange dahlia, but was gobsmacked by this almost luminous yellow one,  such a distinctive shade that you could imagine would really glow in the dark; I think I am correct in remembering this as ‘Glorie van Heemstede’:

The ‘Brian’s Dream’ of the title is a white dahlia with a hint of lilac and I am sure Brian said that both dahlias at the top of the picture below were that variety; certainly the lighter one is. SAdly, I didn’t think to ask him if it was one he bred himself… The beautiful violet one is possibly ‘Willo’s Violet’, another beauty. Hmmm, I am finding myself particularly enamoured by these pompom/ball dahlias…

One of the red dahlias had suffered a broken stem before we got back so was cut short and popped into a pretty little stoneware vase, whilst Mum’s small stock of vases was searched to find a vase and tall and sturdy enough to cope with the other top-heavy blooms. A tall ‘moss’ Caithness Glass vase was retrieved from the loft and to keep the contents distinctly different one of the two luminous blooms was given its own vase, a smaller one from the same maker. I didn’t want to experiment too much with the length of stems in the main vase I case I cut too much off too soon, but after photographs were taken I did cut another inch or two from the violet one which seems to balance the vase a little better.

I know there are many of you out there who will be getting pleasure from picking material  from their gardens and putting them in their own vases today. I have bent my own rules a little as these dahlias were not from my own garden but of course they are still in the spirit of the meme and not only are they bringing pleasure to my Mum, the Golfer and myself, but cutting them for us clearly gave Brian pleasure as well. Do share your own pickings with the rest of us too by writing about them on your blogs and leaving links to and from this post, as always.

I will probably not be able to reply to all your comments this time round and may not get to see all your Monday vases either, so apologies in advance if this proves to be the case – you know how diligent I normally am!

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  2. Christina says:

    Fantastic, what can I say – I’m becoming a devoted Dahlia fan too, which is pretty hard to believe. Here’s my link
    Have a great time with your mum

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  4. Cathy says:

    Wonderful! All that colour and those beautiful petals… Enjoy the rest of your time at your Mum’s!
    Here is my vase for today! 😉 :

  5. These are just gorgeous! I especially love the yellow one – it looks bio-luminescent! The different height vases that you’ve shown them in set them off beautifully!
    I have a contribution for the meme this week:

  6. Alison C says:

    How amazing, you just want to gaze at them and drink them in. As you say, so perfect. The variety of colour and form seems to be endless. The yellow is stunning.
    You are completely forgiven for having a holiday from commenting but we do appreciate your usual. commitment and diligence. I know it’s a pleasure but it must take hours. Enjoy your break.

  7. Such beautiful and inspiring dahlias to behold. I am sure Brian had just as much joy in showing you the flowers and giving some away as you did in receiving them. A gift of flowers is the best kind to give and to receive. My ‘vase’ is here:

  8. These dahlias are so perfect they look artificial. Just beautiful.

  9. pbmgarden says:

    These are lovely and how wonderful to meet the generous gardener who grew them. Enjoy your visit!

  10. Sally says:

    Wow! Gobsmacked is the word for it. They all blew my mind but, the yellow really tugged at my heart. Gorgeous!

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  12. Amazing, our love for Dahlias is growing! I think the violets are my favorite. I found out Dahlias should be planted in October here for winter flowers! Now I just have to find some tubers. Have fun with your Mother. Here is my vase:

  13. Anca Tîrcă says:

    I love Dahlias, but unfortunately they do not like our garden, so thanks for your post!My vase:

  14. Eliza Waters says:

    To tour a specialist’s garden must have been such a treat, lucky you! Thanks for sharing your booty with us, I’m enamored with the yellow and lilac ones especially.
    My stuffed vase this week is in contrast to your minimalist ones. 🙂

  15. Joe Owens says:

    Our Dahlias are just about nearing the peak of bloom as some of the new planted ones catch up with the rest.

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  17. I’m envying everyone’s beautiful dahlias this month! I have an unusual artichoke bloom this week.

  18. Peter/Outlaw says:

    Such stunning flowers and these are grown to perfection! Enjoy the rest of your time with your mum!

  19. Kris P says:

    As a relatively new dahlia aficionado, I’m in awe of these blooms, Cathy, especially that yellow one – luminous it is! Enjoy your visit with your mom. I’m off to read your post from yesterday. Here’s my contribution this week (the final episode of the Eustoma-Dahlia “scandal”):

  20. Gorgeous! The yellow one actually reminds me of a water lily bloom I have. They’re all just perfect! Here’s my vase for the week:

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  22. jenhumm116 says:

    What a lovely example of a generous gardening spirit!

    Here’s mine – not a flower in sight!

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  24. Those are fantastic blooms. Very show worthy and nicely presented!
    Here is my vase for this week:

  25. jenmac13 says:

    I can’t get enough of your gorgeous dahlias, although I did misread the post title initially, as ‘Brain’s Dream,’ and now my brain is dreaming of Brian’s dahlias. Apologies! This week, I have a vase with gladioli and sweetpea, and an interrupting cat.

  26. Cathy what beautiful Dahlias and what beautiful colors. Enjoy them as I do in their wonderful photos. They have to have a soft touch. Greetings from Margarita.

  27. annamadeit says:

    Wonderful! Wish I had room and enough sun to grow them. Joining in for the first time today!

  28. J > They are so perfect it’s as if they’re origami flowers! And the colours so vivid!

    • Cathy says:

      Yes, that yellow one is particuar looked as if the petals were all unfolded from a central point, which could easily have been a square of paper 😉

  29. Noelle says:

    You are leading by example…and posting some wonderful blooms. It made me go out and pick some even very late in the day:

  30. I too am enjoying the dahlias Brian shared with you. My vase is not a vase today Cathy

  31. Oh I love them all but then again I have a love for dahlias that exceed logic…lol. But that yellow one is aptly described as luminous. Gorgeous.

  32. LisaDay says:

    I have been convinced dahlais are truly beautiful flowers – and look lovely in a vase.

  33. smallsunnygarden says:

    What a marvelous color that yellow is – so soft and luminous at the same time. Thank you for sharing these special beauties with us! Here is my post – a kind of two-for-one since my first set of photos was abysmally bad:

  34. Chloris says:

    What beauties. I love them all.

  35. rickii says:

    They are almost too perfect to be believed.

  36. All the photos you have there is pretty and enticing.

    I wonder if the camera’s the one making all that pictures so beautiful

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