August Blooms: Some In, Some Out

The last few days have seen me comprehensively overhauling two of the bold borders, removing crocosmia and hemerocallis, thinning out inula and moving taller plants to the back. Some of the hemerocallis and crocosmia will be potted up to sit out the winter but a lot of flowerless greenery is going into green waste so as not to risk them hibernating on the compost heap. The borders now look a little on the empty side but will soon be home to sensible and non-thuggish replacements. In the meantime there are plenty of blooms elsewhere in the garden, lots of persicaria for a start:

Persicaria ‘Rosea’

Persicaria ‘Blackfield’ with Nasturtium ‘Mahogany’, Inula hookerii, Crocosmia ‘Constance’ and C Canary Bird’, Clematis heracleifolia ‘New Love’

Persicaria ‘Jo & Guido’

Persicaria ‘Fat Domino’

Phlox ‘Lilac Eye Flame’ and teucrium

Clematis viticella ‘Mary Rose’

Cosmos ‘Purity’, ‘Click Cranberries’, Fizzy Rose Picotee’

‘Bishops Children’ dahlia, Dahlia ‘Karma Serena’, Aster ‘Lady Coral Dark Blue’

Dalhlia ‘Snowflake’ and ‘Happy Single Julia’

Aster ‘Star Violet’ and Rudbeckia ‘Irish Eyes’, Zinna ‘Zahara Double Strawberry’

sunflowers and sweet peas

Rose ‘Munstead Wood’ and Sedum ‘Thunderhead’

Hydrangea ‘Annabelle’

Zinnia ‘ Summer Bouquet’ and Amaranthus viridis

Inula magnifica, still magnificent!

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18 Responses to August Blooms: Some In, Some Out

  1. jbrognstad says:

    That Inula is magnificent indeed!

  2. All of your blooms and surrounds look so healthy and lush. Happy GBBD.

  3. A nice collection of persicaria. Do you have a favourite? I think P. Blackfield looks particularly strong and twisting?

    • Cathy says:

      And there were others I realised I had missed too! So far Fat Domino is my favourite because the blooms are quite chunky, with Blackfield coming in 2nd with its equally dark red blloms

  4. Cathy says:

    It’s all magnificent Pauline! Love all your different Persicarias. I haven’t got a pale one – is the P. rosea very tall?

    • Cathy says:

      Apologies Cathy, I had got Pauline’s post open at the same time as yours!

    • Cathy says:

      Thanks Cathy – I guessed you still meant me! So far this persicaria is only about 2-3 feet tall but I have one from Kate of Barn House Garden which I realise now is possibly P rosea and that must be about 4 feet. The flowers on the one I showed are almost fluffy though, which the other one isn’t so perhaps they are not the same. I have a white one too, which I had forgotten about – still quite small though

  5. Great selection of late summer colour, Cathy. Does the inula take a while to get going? The ones I bought back in June (in flower) seem to have packed up for the summer.

    • Cathy says:

      I hookerii has been flowering non-stop since June. I magnifica was flowering in June then had a bit of a lull but it seems to be newer side shoots that are flowering now. I have had both plants for about 5 years now and they were have certainly been fully established for at least the last couple of years

  6. ‘Jo and Guido’ is such a funny name for a pretty pink Persicaria. Wonder what the story is?

  7. rickii says:

    You do such a good job of mixing it up. I hope to work Dahlias into the border as you have here.

  8. Christina says:

    I envy you being able to work n the garden this month; here it is still too hot 1. for me to be outside for any length of time and 2. It is too hot to plant anything, I’m struggling to even keep things alive in their pots. I may be able to plant some winter vegetables next week as temperatures are dropping slightly.

  9. Cathy magnificent pictures of magnificent flowers. What colorful and abundance of different beautiful species. The rose persicaria is beautiful, although it is difficult to choose from the large selection of beautiful persicarias. Your garden is wonderful. Greetings from Margarita.

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