Garden Bloggers’ Blooms Day: Permission to Cast a Clout

I have been casting clouts around the garden for a number of weeks but, whether or not there is any credence in the old saying, the more common white hawthorn has been in bloom for some time too. Our pink hawthorn, now it has started flowering after a slow start, is always rather later than the white version but is certainly in full bloom now, the day after the GBBD meme hosted by Carol of May Dreams Gardens. As with any meme of this type it is a good way of keeping a record of the garden, so thanks go to Carol for facilitating it.

The hawthorn is certainly not the only thing in full bloom in our UK Midland garden today: the main herbaceous borders are now producing colour amidst their fresh greenness, courtesy particularly of aquilegia and alliums…

In the bold borders the extra allium I added are strutting their stuff too, alongside the first of the geums (top, Mrs Bradshaw; below, Totally Tangerine):

There was a distinct fragrance of roses on the air when I rambled around the garden today; every day more and more buds are showing colour as they build up to their prime flowering period (clockwise from top left: Guinée, Madame Alfred Carrière, Crown Princess Margareta, Zépherin Drouhin):

In the shrub border the rugosa roses, now in their third full year, are beginning to make  more of an impact (from left: Hansa, Alba, Agnes)

Easily overlooked are the subtle blooms of heuchera in a variety of delicate shades, but perhaps more obvious when grouped together like this:

Erysimum ‘Caribbean Island’ has been flowering non-stop for 2 or 3 weeks and at an unbelievable density; sadly I understand it is only a short-lived perennial, perhaps wearing itself out with its superhuman flowering effort:

The alpina clematis are all but over and most later flowered ones are just gearing themselves up for their turn, but my only montana, C montana ‘Grandiflora’ is doing a job of climbing into the hedge and contrasts well with our neighbour’s unwelcome laburnum. We have trimmed off as many overhanging branches as we can, but we still get hundreds of distinctive seedlings popping up in our own garden…grrr!

Finally, a progress report on the wisteria; this variety, Wisteria floribunda ‘Multijuga’, has really long racemes so the process of opening is a gradual one but observed with anticipation every day from the first swollen bud:

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22 Responses to Garden Bloggers’ Blooms Day: Permission to Cast a Clout

  1. Cathy her garden is gorgeous all green and full of flowers. The photos are beautiful. I love all her plants. The Hawthorn Rose is beautiful. I love the Aquilegias. Roses are beautiful in all colors. The Wisteria is wonderful. I love your garden. Happy week. Greetings from Margarita.

  2. It is all beautiful, from the Hawthorn to the Wisteria. Well done, you and Mother Nature.

  3. pbmgarden says:

    Cathy, wonderful scenes you’ve created.

  4. Cathy says:

    Delightful! 🙂

  5. March Picker says:

    So much to see and enjoy — and sniff! Your grouping of beautiful heuchera and your apricot geum stand out to me. We have a struggling hawthorn, ‘Paul’s Scarlett’ I believe, and it only dreams of becoming the beauty yours is.

    • Cathy says:

      Thank you. I think my hawthorn may be PS too and was possibly planted in around 2003 as a 6 or 8 foot stick – and it didn’t flower at all until perhaps 3 or 4 years ago but not properly until last year. There’s hope for yours yet!

  6. Beautiful Roses. My climbers are blooming too. My alliums are finished. You have a lot going on for May Bloom day…Happy GBBD.

  7. Lisa says:

    Your garden looks beautiful, Cathy! I love your brick wall. It makes such a nice background for your plants! Enjoy gardening!
    Best wishes,

    • Cathy says:

      Thanks Lisa. I keep finding new bricklaying projects to do but sadly am not sure there is anywhere else for full size walls… !

  8. Rose says:

    What a lovely variety of blooms! Your Aquilegia are taller than what I’m familiar with–beautiful! Happy Bloom Day!

  9. Brian Skeys says:

    My grandparents garden had a red hawthorn in it, I have always had a soft spot for them.

  10. Annette says:

    your garden looks so serene, Cathy, and neat too, I should think it’s more than ready for NGS and wonder if you’ll have another go? I’ll open mine soon for 2 groups which have asked so kindly I couldn’t say no. Your wisteria on the pink sitooterie looks just stunning 🙂

    • Cathy says:

      It’s the tidying and weeding stages now, Annette, so all is under control I think. Too early to say if I will do it again but at the moment I see no reason not to 😉 Hope your group visits go well. Oh, the wisteria is actually on the gable end of the house, well the Extension That Cathy and the Golfer Built

  11. I love Geums but I think my soil might be too dry – are your borders particularly damp or are they more forgiving that I think?

    • Cathy says:

      I have never considered that soil conditions could be a problem for geums but here the soil is neither especially dry nor damp. Saying that, mine all sulked last year and did virtually nothing but perked up and are doing OK this year, so perhaps it was different seasonal weather conditions?

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