Bridging the Gap

img_8837Admiring emerging snowdrops (or counting their spots, the new sport suggested in comments on Chloris’s blog recently) conveniently bridges the gap between the leaner winter months and the rapid growth of the garden in spring. Fortunately, the Golfer has also bridged the gap and erected the scaffolding (albeit in a Heath Robinson-ish sort of way) over the special snowdrop border so he could continue trimming the hedge behind it. Time is indeed of the essence, as the hedge trimming needs to be completed before the birds start getting frisky and want to build their nests which, as we all know, happens on Valentine’s Day, barely a week away.

So far, no snowdrops have been harmed either by falling holly trimmings or falling Golfers and admiration of them continues unabated. Here is Fuzz, more spiky than fuzzy:

fuzzLady Elphinstone, with a hint of her yellow petticoats:

lady-elphinstoneThe squat-petalled Trumps:


The 6 outer-petalled Godfrey Owen:

godfrey-owenStalwart and stout Lady Beatrix Stanley:

lady-beatrix-stanleyThe striking cleric, Reverend Hailstone:

reverend-hailstoneand old favourite and individualist, Blewberry Tart:

blewberry-tartWe can also bridge the gap by checking out what is happening in other bloggers’ gardens, and I had a pleasant surprise last week when I was contacted by Waltons (supplier of sheds, log cabins and other garden structures), informing me that they planned to include Rambling in the Garden in a feature entitled ’13 Glorious Garden Blogs’ – do take a look and you will see other familiar blogs so I am clearly in good company! Thank you to Mal at Waltons  for this feature, one of several which also include ’19 amazing allotment blogs’ and ’10 brilliant beekeepers blogs’, which together form a useful resource to inspire and inform.

This year I am also bridging the gap by popping into the RHS Early Spring Plant Fair in London on my way to visit Elder Daughter and The Poppet – I shall be there mid morning for a couple of hours or so on Tuesday 14th February and if any other bloggers are visiting at a similar time I would love to say hello!



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18 Responses to Bridging the Gap

  1. So beautiful! The Golfer is clearly an enlightened engineer!

  2. Eliza Waters says:

    Congrats on Walton’s recognition – well deserved!

  3. goldenbrodie says:

    I just posted about snowdrops! Love them and wrote a Haiku. Your in-depth blog was very interesting.

  4. Pauline says:

    The Golfer is very brave to cut the hedge while the snowdrops are flowering! Lovely close ups of your specials and congratulations to you both for recognition of your Glorious Garden!

    • Cathy says:

      Needs must, Pauline, as this section was missed last year – but I would have been more comfortable if it had been done a couple of months earlier 😉

  5. Oh, well done! You must both be delighted by the lovely Waltons piece, beautiful photo of your rose pergola too.

    • Cathy says:

      Thanks Kate – it wasn’t their first suggestion for the photo though, as they suggested a photo of the rockery first which as my least favourite feature I didn’t think was especially appropriate 😉

  6. All that activity in your garden Cathy is making me nervous for your snowdrops, they are fabulous. I love the valentines date for hedge cutting to be done by, not heard that before! I am joining you this Monday https:// with a gift. Well done on the Waltons listing, you deserve it.

    • Cathy says:

      Never fear Dorris, the Golfer needed no reminding to take care – and the scaffolding makes all the difference for something like this. Oh, and it was a tongue-in-cheek reference to Valentine’s Day, which traditionally originated from the concept that birds started looking for mates around that time before starting some serious nest building 😉

  7. Carolina Wrens are the first to nest around here. They have been singing on these warmer mornings, including this morning. Your collection of snowdrops are lovely. The Golfer is a good guy with his scaffold looking like a work of art.

    • Cathy says:

      Thanks Linda – the birds have been getting a little earlier as the mornings get lighter, but it’s still not really mild enough for them to start getting frisky. And yes, the Golfer is useful to have around – we make a good team

  8. Brian Skeys says:

    Your snowdrop collection is looking good. Great admiration for the athletic golfer! Have any of your missing specials appeared?

    • Cathy says:

      Thanks Brian – it makes all the difference having raised the bed they were in as I can see them from the kitchen windows (when they have not got scaffolding over the top of them!). Sadly no more of the specials appeared, but I am resisting the urge to dig up their lattice pots and see if I can find any evidence of life…

  9. rusty duck says:

    Glad to see your snowdrops are rewarding you at last. My Lady E is still tiny buds. She had better get a shifty on.

  10. Chloris says:

    Goodness, your Golfer will tackle anything. Lovely to see you have been counting little green spots too. And lovely to see your snowdrops, thank goodness they are coming out at last, it has been a long wait this year. And congratulations on having your beautiful blog recognised this way.

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