In a Vase on Monday: Tea and Two Sugars

img_8764Tea and two sugars: Viburnum bodnantense ‘Dawn’ and Lonicera standishii ‘Budapest’, both sweetly smelling and perfectly at home in this little teacup. I am grateful to both Julie and Dorris for demonstrating that buds of the former will open up in the warmth of the house although sadly the only flowering stems I have are very short. Their small stature, however, suggested an equally small vase for which the teacup was ideal, especially as the lonicera was similarly challenged. The teapot and milk jug were of course necessary additions to the occasion and a little square of fabric was cut with pinking shears to complete the place setting. The black felt used as a background for the photograph somehow gives the impression that the arrangement is floating on a magic carpet but hey! does that matter?

img_8765I am delighted with the effect of this tiny Monday vase and despite its size I am also enjoying the perfume. What will be delighting you in your Monday vases, I wonder? Do see what you can find in your garden or foraged locally to bring you pleasure during the week and share it with us by leaving the links in the usual way.



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  2. Cathy says:

    A fragrant cuppa – what a lovely way to display these flowers Cathy! I also didn’t realise just how small the cup was until seeing your hand next to it. I have a lovely Amaryllis to share this week:
    Have a good week!

  3. pbmgarden says:

    Charming and delicate. Just love this Cathy. Busy time here so I scheduled ahead for today’s vase.

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  5. Christina says:

    I can almost smell the perfume from here, how lovely. Here’s the link to my post today:

  6. Hi Cathy, what a lovely wee vase this week, the scent will be gorgeous too. No flowers here so it’s all about bright foliage in my vase

  7. If I had those tiny blooms in my garden my heart would soar. I can almost smell them. Happy Monday.

  8. Tea on a magic carpet? Nothing better for a Monday morning greeting. The delicate Viburnums are just lovely and I can almost catch the scent of the Lonicera.
    I tried for years to force Forsythia and Plum branches, alas, to no avail. Here is mine, as usual different vase,

  9. So glad you put your hand in there for scale! Love it and it looks so spring-like. I fudged a little but do have an offering:

  10. Brian Skeys says:

    It is very effective Cathy, it does look as if it’s floating.

  11. Very perky for January!

  12. Eliza Waters says:

    What a dear little arrangement, Cathy, it’s absolutely charming!
    My post this week:

  13. Annette says:

    How pretty is your miniature still life – makes me want to join you for tea and stick my nose into the flowers! I’ve Viburnum and Chimonanthus in flower but by far not enough to pick some for the house, so my vase is a rather monochrome affaire, Im afraid 😉 :

    • Cathy says:

      Oh do come, Annette – you would be most welcome! You can see I have been very parsimonius with my blooms, hence the size of the arrangement 😉

  14. Peter/Outlaw says:

    It’s surprising how fragrant these little flowers are. You’ve put together an arrangement that, like a cup of tea, warms from the inside. My vase is here:

  15. FlowerAlley says:

    Darling post. So glad you included your hand for scale.

  16. Kris P says:

    Your tiny arrangement has presence, Cathy! Your hand provided a good measure of the actual size of the arrangement – based on that first photo, I’d have judged it to be much bigger. I admire Viburnum every winter and wish I had some in my own garden. Influenced by external factors, I went pink this week. Here’s my post:

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  18. Chloris says:

    Great minds think alike. We are both thinking scent this week Cathy. I love your Tea and Two Sugars. Mine is ‎

  19. homeslip says:

    This is so sweet Cathy, surely the sugar pink flower heads of VBD were just made to be displayed in a tiny teaset. Mine is doing exceptionally well this year enjoying the extra air and space after I removed an over-powering laurel last year. I would also love to have the space for a winter-flowering lonicera – but for now I have to satisfy that sensory pleasure when I visit the winter garden at Polesden Lacey. Looking at all the lovely vases this week I feel I should have made more effort but here is my contribution nonetheless.

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  21. I am so pleased to have prompted you to bring some stems of viburnum inside – and you have remained me to bring in some lonicera. I really like the magic carpet effect of your photo today – it feels like afternoon tea is winging its way over to me through my computer screen.

    My contribution is at : this week – a little late in the day but never mind.

  22. johnvic8 says:

    Very nice implementation of a “short” one. I’ve had some success in the past bringing in buds in January, but have not tried in a few years. You have inspired me.

  23. smallsunnygarden says:

    Tiny, fragrant flowers… what could be better?! I love the little tea set too and am glad you included your hand for scale as I had just decided the set must be full size! 😉
    Here is/are my vases…:

    • Cathy says:

      I have several tiny tea sets, some of which are smaller than this; one of the joys of this vase is the element of surprise in the scale of it

  24. Enchanting and fragile. Simply cherish this Cathy. Occupied time here so I booked ahead for now’s vase…I can nearly notice the aroma from here, how exquisite…

  25. Helen Johnstone says:

    How clever, you are so inventive with your ‘vases’. I was surprised at how quickly snowdrops opened once indoors, so much so that I had to retake my photo only some 30 minutes after taking the first one. I forgot to post my link on Monday, I thought I had, but I think I only got as far as thinking I must do that!

  26. sultanabun says:

    That is adorable. I shall be raiding the Small Girl’s china presently.

  27. Noelle M says:

    Just so petite and pleasing…perfect.

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