In a Vase on Monday: Blue-Ming

img_8705The little dish is not actually ‘Ming’ of course but some cheap Chinese import from a car boot sale – but the hyacinths are blue and blooming and the focus of today’s vase. The blue bloomers were given as  Christmas gift, coming to me about 3 days before Christmas with their flower buds just beginning to push the leaves aside and head skywards.

Whilst creating last Monday’s vase I was already anticipating that the hyacinths would be ready to make their entrance the following week and they did not disappoint.  Despite turning their pot round regularly the three stems were still determined to bend, not just lean, towards the light, so instead of a straight sided clear vase I opted for this two-tone Caithness Glass  one as the flared neck was well-suited to the equally flared stems. The vase which is indeed glass although it looks like pottery has a large chip on the rim, but I bought it at a boot sale for its purpose as vase and not for any intrinsic monetary value so the chip is as irrelevant as it is unseen.

img_8706Joining the fragrant hyacinths are three feathery flowering stems of Miscanthus ‘Ferner Osten’* which came out of a vase from the end of November which I have still been enjoying in its dried state. One of the stems has taken on a slightly lilac hue which seems to be particularly attractive amongst the hyacinths. The ‘fake Ming’ dish which accompanies the vase is joined by a trio of Chinese sampans made out of shells which I have had for many a year, the colour of which seems to mirror the miscanthus and is a happy coincidence. Three little florets that were trimmed from the lower stems of the hyacinths complete the props for today’s vase.

It was a joy to have blooms from early flowering bulbs today, but sadly there are no more in the offing quite yet. I moved one pot of my own hyacinths out of the dark this week, but the shoots were still barely long enough and I am not yet confident that they will bloom. I also brought a pot of early narcissus in from the greenhouse but they are not yet ready to produce flowering stems either so I shall just have to enjoy other people’s for the time being and perhaps in some of today’s vases. Do share what you have found in your garden or foraged nearby to plonk in your own vase or container and leave the usual links so you can spread the joy that they bring.

img_8708* absentmindely called Pennisteum villosum in the original post which I am sure many bloggers were too polite to point out to me!

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  1. Beautifully calming arrangement. There is a howling gale going on outside here!

    • Cathy says:

      Thanks Sandra. The Golfer said there was wind on the golf course (that was before the rain!) but I wasn’t aware of it

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  3. Christina says:

    A lovely composition Cathy, I only have Hyacinths in the garden so it will be a couple of months before they flower I imagine, there is no sign of them yet. I particularly like the last image; the Pennisetum look surprisingly good with the Hyacinths. I do indeed have some flowering bulbs for you today but there aren’t any more to come for a while here yet either. Thanks for hosting. Here’s my link:

    • Cathy says:

      Thanks Christina – I have amended the post as I clearly had a mental aberration as the grass is actually a miscanthus! Look forward to seeing today’s bulbs

  4. So colourful, I do love that blue Cathy. I have rather brown offerings today.

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  6. Beautiful blues! I have a couple of acorns/little trees putting out roots in a bottle on my kitchen window.

  7. Cathy says:

    I bet that smells lovely too Cathy, as well as looking gorgeous. Good to think of spring coming, although it certainly won’t be for a while here. We have had such a cold spell I didn’t even venture outdoors this week, but still have a vase to share:

    • Cathy says:

      Yes, the fragrance is delightful. It’s just a shame that the bulbs I planted myself for late winter /early spring interest are way behind where they usually are by now

  8. Annette says:

    I was about to throw myself out the window when I saw the hyacinth, thinking “my gosh, Cathy has already hyacinths” but then, thankfully I saw they were a gift :D! Beautiful still life, the vase and bowl emphasizing the blue theme rather subtly. Here’s my vase, but wrap up warm before opening it 😉 :

    • Cathy says:

      Oh dear, please don’t do anything drastic on my account Annette and please talk it through with someone instead… 😉 Thankfully no-one gave me a poinsettia this year and the basket of hyacinth bulbs was very welcome esppecially as my own are so tardy this year

  9. pbmgarden says:

    With ice and snow all around here today, it was lovely to wake up to your spot-on, blue-themed design today. The Caithness vase is a perfect container for the hyacinth. My vase today was prepared a bit early as I’d planned to be away this morning, but the icy roads forced a change in plans.

  10. Anca Tîrcă says:

    This is beautiful, Cathy, a combination of fresh and dry!Looking forward to having Hyacinths from my garden in a vase! My today vase is here:

  11. My garden is frozen stiff. I do have orchids blooming inside but I don’t want to cut them for a vase. I will like you just have to enjoy the vases of others the next few weeks. I love your blue plate and twoo-toned vase. The are perfect with that blue hyacinth. I can almost smell the hyacinth. mmmmm

    • Cathy says:

      I have orchids (birthday presents) blooming inside and definitely don’t want to cut them as I have never got them to reflower in the past 😉

  12. lula says:

    A vivid and bright color helps in this time of year. Lovely!
    Here is my contribution, some cuttings for a new plant and leftovers from Xmas decorations for color!;postID=7799561268787778019;onPublishedMenu=allposts;onClosedMenu=allposts;postNum=0;src=postname

  13. Blue and brown is such a great color combination. And though your plate may not be Ming, it is a great piece. So much pattern and color variation. And you must be enjoying wonderful fragrance! My contribution is here:

    • Cathy says:

      Thanks Linda – I was really pleased with the result of this simple vase and it only took about 10 minutes to put the bits together and take the photographs

  14. I love all blue china, I think. And blue flowers! How wonderful to have Hyacinths in January. Those Miscanthus are really nice as well. I am enjoying using the dry grasses in arrangements this winter. Here is my vase:

    • Cathy says:

      They are indoor hyacinths, Amy, and will have been ‘forced’ for the Christmas present buying market – they came in a basket with dried moss and fake snow! I too like the contrast of blue & white but my bits are all oddments, which of course is not a problem for diplaying blooms

  15. Peter Herpst says:

    The combination of the miscanthus, something from last season and the hyacinths, the promise of a new season on the horizon perfectly paint this time between. Your props are always beautiful and I especially love the blue plate! Happy Monday! My contribution is here:

  16. anne taylor says:

    Love the blues. Thank you for the inspiration.
    Have been having good luck forcing paperwhites on pebbles in water with a bit of vodka mixed in to keep the stems short. Fragrance is filling the room with dreams of spring on a snowy day in New York.

    • Cathy says:

      Gosh, that’s a tactic I have not come across before – the vodka part that is! I have tried growing hyacinths in my special hyacinth vases several times but with very limited success 😦

  17. Eliza Waters says:

    Very pretty – I love all the blue tones!

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  19. What a fabulous composition this week Cathy – where do you find all your bits and pieces from? you always seem to have the perfect prop! I rather like the bendy stems of the hyacinths – I think I will have to buy a few pots of forced ones as potting up the early spring bulbs was one of the jobs I did not manage to do this autumn – at least I have some paperwhites but I will miss the others. Are you expecting any snow this week? My phone is showing snow here but it is not always reliable – I will be frustrated if it does come as I have been making good progress in catching up with jobs whilst the weather has remained fine.

    My vase is at:

    • Cathy says:

      Our house is filled (sadly?!) with ‘bits and pieces’, Julie! No snow forecast here – hope it bypasses you and that you continue with your good progress

  20. Kris P says:

    It’s an elegant arrangement, Cathy. I love the blue hyacinths but the grass plumes make it something special. I also went with scented blooms this week:

  21. Helen Johnstone says:

    I love your dainty elegant arrangement. Here is mine

  22. I can almost smell those Hyacinth and might have to look for some to purchase and get the scent for real. It’s an icy wintry mess here today so a little spring would be a welcome treat.

    • Cathy says:

      ‘Icy wintry mess’ does not sound very pleasant, Loree – hope you can find a touch of your own spring to brighten things up!

  23. johnvic8 says:

    I hope you will forgive my non-participation this week. The standard gardeners excuse: weather.

    • Cathy says:

      Hmm, weather – it affects all our gardens, doesn’t it, whatever time of year it is? Hope you are keeping warm and cosy inside

  24. The blues and neutrals are a soothing tonic to my eyes. Holed up in bed with flu, apologies for lack of vases from me. I am enjoying looking at everyone else’s as a gentle bed-ridden activity!

  25. Alison C says:

    I love hyacinths, you may have gathered by now that perfume is very important to me. I must search out some bulbs. You are lucky to have them flowering in these grey days and what a pretty little blue dish too. Here is my link.

    • Cathy says:

      It’s probably the time of year to get bargain hyacinths from the garden centres or supermarkets – I thought I had planned enough early flowering indoor bulbs but they are a bit tardy this year so I was very grateful for the Christmas present of these ones. They are an invaluable source of colour (and fragrance!) at this time of year

  26. Elizabeth says:

    What an eye-catcher your vase is today, Cathy. The blue of the hyacinths is beautifully mirrored in the base of the vase and the little dish. The feathery miscanthus is the perfect partner too. Altogether beautiful. Mine is much less colourful this week – see it here:

    • Cathy says:

      I have got all sorts of random blue & white china, Elizabeth, but enough blue flowers to use them often enough in IAVOM posts!

      • Elizabeth says:

        Thanks for your comment, Cathy. What did I seal the bottom of my vase with? I simply glued a piece of plastic coated fabric – the kind used to make outdoor furnishings – on to the base shiny side to the base, the fabric side gives the vase a non-scratch surface. Not a secret but I didn’t think most folk would be interested. If more people ask I’ll add an edited note to my post.

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  28. I love the excellent play on words in your title Cathy! What a beautiful colour, blue flowers are my favourite. I have had to riff slightly on the theme of In a Vase on Monday again this week and couldn’t conjure a title anywhere near as good as yours:

  29. Anna says:

    I can smell those hyacinths from here. They are such a fabulous colour Cathy. I’m on a promise of a garden centre trip at the weekend and I think that some potted bulbs might well find themselves in my basket.

    • Cathy says:

      I am loving the fragrance too. You are probably in need of some plant purchasing therapy Anna – have you added to your snowdrops with Avon this year. I had an Avon voucher for Christmas so have a few on order but I was quite restrained 😉

  30. smallsunnygarden says:

    Sitting here trying to smell your hyacinths, Cathy 😉 I love the combination with the Miscanthus – dried at that! I rarely think to combine fresh and dried material, but the effect is lovely. I had flowers with a mind of their own for today’s vase:

  31. Chloris says:

    A beautiful shade of blue; potted hyacinths are a delight in January. And how lovely that you have a piece of ‘Ming’ to complement it.

    • Cathy says:

      They may well be the brightest things on a vase here for some time, although I did spot a hint of pink on a hellebore this morning…

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