In a Vase on Monday: Glowing Embers

img_8527Today’s vase is a ‘bit of a cheat’, inasmuch as it was made and photographed on Thursday after which it was given to my weekly ‘lift’-  usually prepared on a Sunday, going away on Friday morning and not due back till after dark on Sunday meant no opportunity for my usual vase-making ritual. As always, my recipient was delighted, accepting that the weekly offerings are getting smaller and less varied and my warning that the rose was likely to drop its petals sooner rather than later: the last glowing embers of the garden, now in vase on Monday.

img_8530Quickly and simply made, the limited contents comprised a single lingering ‘Munstead Wood’ rose, a spray of baby-faced new foliage from Nandina ‘Obsession’, rose hips from obliging ‘Parkdirektor Riggers’, a sprig of hanging-on Sedum ‘Thunderhead’, a glowing piece of Cornus ‘Midwinter Fire’ and a spent stem of Crocosmia ‘Lucifer’,  all squeezed into a trio of narrow-necked car boot found vases, in real life redder than the photographs suggest. Accompanying them is one of my favourite crystals, a palm sized polished nugget of carnelian, which enjoys the natural freedom of its garden location.

img_8531Writing this on Sunday evening, I am looking forward to rambling in the garden  tomorrow after our weekend away (and will be on the lookout for potential contenders for my next posy or vase) – and wondering what will you find for your Monday vases. Do share them with us by leaving links to and from this post as usual – see you soon!



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  1. Cath says:

    Those little vases are perfect for the rose hips. They seem related 🙂 and the Munstead Wood really is like embers, although more pink. Here is my vase, purple to follow red.

    • Cathy says:

      I am glad to have had an ooportunity to use those vases, as the narrow necks really do limit what can go in them. Oh and the rose is really far more red than it looks in the photo as well!

  2. Perfect title as the garden goes into hibernation. It reminds me of a fun singles party! 😀

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  4. Christina says:

    The pickings are definitely getting a bit sparse now Cathy for us all. Your pretty little vases would certainly bring joy to anyone on a December day. Thanks for hosting and hope you had a fun weekend.

    • Cathy says:

      Yes, a very pleasant w/e, thank you Christina. I am already scouting around for possibiities for next week’s vase but don’t need a Thursday posy this week as our barbership group has go a few week’s break now. Meanwhile, I am still enjoying my grasses from last week!

  5. Anca Tîrcă says:

    That Munstead Wood rose is a wonder, Cathy, it has such a special colour! Great arrangement, thanks for sharing!My link:

    • Cathy says:

      Thanks Anca – I was so pleased to have another flower on Munstead Wood, but bringing it into the warmth of the house after the last couple of chilly weeks will sadly have been its undoing…

  6. Chloris says:

    How pretty, I love your little vases and the glowing red Carnelian stone. I never thought of using nandina foliage for vases, what a good idea. It’s lovely Cathy, winter is not going to get you beaten.

  7. I don’t think this is a bit of a cheat. You won’t either after seeing my cheater vase. It rained here all day Sunday so I didn’t get out to pluck from my garden this weekend. It is mainly frosted beyond much vase filling.Your arrangement looks very sweet and delicate with all that pink and a stone to match! Happy IAVOM.
    P. S. I hope this isn’t a duplicate comment. I tried before and it didn’t show up.

    • Cathy says:

      Hi Lisa, no sgn of an earlier comment and I had already checked in spam. I am hopeful we will have break from our frost after today although we seem to be due some fog instead!

  8. Love those vases (or is it a vase?) your stone reminds me of my father, a geology professor who had all sorts of crystals, I still have a mini collection. Amazing what the embers of a garden can hold on the cusp of winter, the rose is lovely and I love the hips, although when I could grow roses they never made hips, hmm? Here is my vase

    • Cathy says:

      I have a large number of crystals too, including several good size ones which I have in the garden. I would have enjoyed growing up with a ready knowledge of geology to hand, but it was at scoool and Uni that I learned most as I did some Geology alongside the Geography that was my main subject. Parkdirektor Riggers is the only rose of mine that always forms hips

      • Geology is fun and I love all the crystals I inherited. Unfortunately, I can’t remember what most of them are.
        The Rose Hips are just fantastic, I am starting to find some interesting berries here.

  9. Eliza Waters says:

    Sweet cluster of vases, Cathy, it’s amazing that you still have roses and I like seeing rose hips in arrangements. Carnelian is one of my favorite stones, that’s a nice piece!
    My post this week:

    • Cathy says:

      You made it to the right week, Eliza! We do sometimes get the odd rose into December but rarely more than a single one. This piece of carnelian is so tactile, especially because of its size and shape as it fits beautifully in the hand

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  11. Cathy says:

    I especially love those rose hips Cathy. Lovely to see a little colour! Have a nice ramble when you get home. 🙂 Here’s my vase:

    • Cathy says:

      Thanks Cathy – it was quite a speedy ramble as it is still frosty here, but the week is due to get a little warmer I believe. This rose really is generous with the hips – and I don’t think the birds seem to bother with them

  12. Annette says:

    Just delightful, Cathy – colours, vases, hips, rose and all! Have a great week and thanks for boosting my creativity 🙂 ! Here’s my vase:

  13. Peter Herpst says:

    A fine trio of vases, perfect for their contents. This morning, our first snow is falling and later this week the temperature is predicted to be well below freezing. Your warm vases and crystal add some warmth to this chilly morning. My offering is here:

  14. After the frost I saw in one of your prior posts, I’m surprised you could find so much in your garden, Cathy! I love the little coral vases and that beautiful rose. Here’s my post:

  15. There is a white rose bush in the hellstrip (parking strip, verge) across the street from us. The current owner inherited it and has tried and tried to remove it, it keeps coming back. It has the most beautiful hips on it right now. I am embarrassed to admit I considered clipping a couple. But of course my better nature kept me from sinking that low. Next time I see her out I may ask permission though, as you’ve shown hips in a vase are a lovely thing.

    My post:

  16. Snow on Sunday took my mind off of today’s meme so no vase for me. But yours is fabulous as usual and I think your title captures it perfectly. I can feel the heat from here.

    • Cathy says:

      Increasingly we are going to hear ‘snow’ mentioned on our blogs – no sign of it in our part of the UK yet… Thanks for your kind comments about the glowing embers

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  18. Iced pink vases, how appropriate! I love the nandina spray. Does it go that metallic colour after frost? Anyhow it looks great with the Munstead Wood rose.
    My jug is here:

    • Cathy says:

      Thanks Allison – although the colours were definitely misleading in this photo as the nandina foliage is new and fresh and pink!

  19. Alison C says:

    We just have to take what we can find at the moment. However I’ve seen bulb shoots poking through the soil and buds on a little Magnolia we have, giving hope. I always admire the seed heads of crocosmia and your rose is very lovely. Here is my offering:

    • Cathy says:

      Indeed – those buds and shoots are reminders of what is to come so let’s try and anticipate patiently. Not always easy though!

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  21. Hope you enjoyed your weekend away Cathy and managed to get into the garden today. It was a cold one! Here is my effort this week:

    • Cathy says:

      Thanks Eleanor – yes, it’s good to visit parts of the UK I don’t know. I did have a ramble in the garden today, but that was about all – although I have a mental list of things to do when the weather turns milder later in the week!

      • Even at this time of year there is so much to do!
        Your visit to Bristol looked lovely. I hope you enjoy your birthday/ enjoyed it if you’ve had it. My husband’s is 10 days before Christmas, I’ve always thought it a poor time to have a birthday with the cold dark days but he quite likes it.

        • Cathy says:

          Thanks – I have got used to it and don’t expect anything different, although I used to envy Younger Sister whose end of May birthday was always in the school holidays!

  22. Dear Cathy – no vase this week – just the sad news that my mother passed away last week. I have written a few words on my blog, but nothing really explains how this feels. Julie xx

  23. homeslip says:

    Yes, there is a real rosy glow coming from these vases Cathy. Oh dear, I’ve just read Julie’s comment above and am llost for words. I do hope she can find some comfort from her beautuful garden in the days, weeks, months, years to come.
    Here is my link:

    • Cathy says:

      It says a lot for our blogging community that we can openly express our sorrows and joys and know we will get genuine support in return

  24. Well done for finding such warming treats from the garden at this time of year. Glowing embers – exactly! Here is mine, but with apologies for a lack of vase…

  25. Lindy Le Coq says:

    I decided to cut my selections on Sunday since the forecast called for heavy rain mixed with snow today. We did get a few snow flurries but the temperature too warm for it to stick. Your vase is an inspiration — love the addition of rose hips — I might have to borrow that idea as we move into early winter!

  26. pbmgarden says:

    The ‘Parkdirektor Riggers’ rose hips are a standout with the color of your vase trio. (Although you did say it is redder, the colors in the photo work great.) There is much less to choose from here also but glad we can find some creative inspiration to keep Monday vases a reality. Thanks for hosting. (And I think I missed your birthday. Hope it was happy.)

  27. Your little vases are so pretty and perfect for your arrangement. My roses are still hanging on here as well and it’s nice to see yours are too. The rose hip really is perfect with the matching vase and decorative foliage.,,so lovely! No vase post for me until next week, but I did write about roses!

  28. Alyse says:

    Hello, all! I am a baby-beginner blogger (new to this tech, but not to writing or gardens), and quite overwhelmed with the WEALTH of inspiration you all give here! What fun to read from all over the world. Just a vase. Just a Monday! What a small earth.

    Thank you, Cathy, for hosting this challenge. (HOW do you keep up so well? 🙂 ! ) It’s a pleasure reading about your garden and a few of your Mondays so far.

    My own post, since I am RIDICULOUSLY slow at this yet, includes clippings from late October to early November, and a vase I made around Thanksgiving. (Those clippings do last a long time outside at this time of year!) I hope some day to be as fast as y’all. Photos and blog in one day. Unfathomable!
    With warm regards to your group,

    • Cathy says:

      Oh welcome, Alyse – thank you for joining us. You will soon realise what a motley collection of bloggers we are but a very supportive one, and the meme has made quite an impact on most of us in different ways. We look forward to your visits whether regularly or occasionally and if you have any problems with posting links or comments then just ask 🙂

  29. That seems perfectly legitimate to me. And it’s quite attractive, too. The pink vase set is wonderful!

    • Cathy says:

      Thanks Beth – it seems strange not to be looking at them as I write about them, as the contents went to my friend and the vases went back in the wardrobe 😉

  30. smallsunnygarden says:

    That’s a beautiful glow, Cathy! I always love triple vases 🙂 The Nandina foliage is what my eye keeps coming back to; it supplies such a soft accent.
    My vase is on the brilliant side this week too…:

  31. You are ever organised Cathy. Amazed to see a rose this late in the season. My effort which you have already found is at

  32. rickii says:

    Wonderful colors! Does your friend give back the vases for a continuous cycle of recycling? My friend does that, plus contributing new vases from time to time. Sorry to be late again, but here goes:

    • Cathy says:

      Nearly missed your comment rickii – and please don’t worry about your ‘lateness’. I gave her the contents but not the vases 😉

  33. Stunning flower arrangement, I love how the colours work together, even the background! If you have time, check out my latest blog post at and let me know what you think!
    Happy blogging x

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