End of Month View: Homing In Again

There’s nothing like a few days away to rev up the eagerness for rambling in the garden, even at the end of October. Sadly it was dark when we got home yesterday and although I rambled I didn’t see a lot – but I was at home again, in my garden, and rambling…

Helen the Patient Gardener hosts this End of Month View, so do check out her blog for links to other seasonal views, but even without a formal meme it has proved such a useful tool to be able to look back and compare month to month or year to year. Autumn is definitely creeping on apace now and this month’s views clearly show that blooms outside the cutting garden (not shown in this post) are few and far between, whilst leaves are increasingly on the ground rather than on the trees. Pelargoniums and fuchsias in pots together with stalwart roses, persicaria and antirrhinum are the main lingerers, but autumnal foliage hues partially make up for this deficiency in colour, as do the fruit of crab apples ‘Evereste’ and ‘Golden Hornet’ and the last of the cooking apples which are now turning scarlet – so all is as it should be really.

The following slideshow shows the main views I encounter on my rambles – and don’t forget there is a map of the garden under ‘The Garden’ tab above if you are unsure where you are:

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19 Responses to End of Month View: Homing In Again

  1. Christina says:

    Welcome back, your ramble today must have given you great pleasure, some areas still show very interesting planting even without a great deal of flowers. It is always a pleasure to read this EOMV as it highlights all the different areas you have created.

  2. Linnae says:

    Lovely to ramble with you today! As much as I love flowers, the fall foliage speaks to my soul! If you would like to visit my garden, here is the link:
    Happy November!

  3. rickii says:

    Autumn becomes you.

  4. Looking a bit like autumn here. I love this time of year. Your garden looks good for this time. Enjoyed the photo show.

  5. Usually your slideshows work on iPad for me, but not today I’m afraid. Still, good to know you’re home and enjoying the last shows of colour in your garden.

  6. Chloris says:

    Lovely to go away but even nicer to come home to your own garden. It is certainly looking autumnal now but you still have plenty to enjoy.

  7. Brian Skeys says:

    They create a lot of work clearing them up but I do like to see the fallen coloured leaves lying around the garden.

    • Cathy says:

      Yes, and scrunching in them when they are dry too! I have the Golfer on the job now, as his small contribution to the gardening 😉

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