End of Month View: Late Summer Flypast

It is not surprising that it hardly seems time to be thinking of autumnal tasks, but I have at least done the late summer pruning of the wisteria and knuckled down and sowed some annuals for next year. Deadheading continues apace too, but I am enjoying the spent blooms of sunflowers, inula and veronica and will leave them standing for their statuesque appeal. Despite the hints of autumn I mentioned earlier in the week and the (very) slow increase in dropped leaves, it still seems very much like summer, especially on a sunny day down by the cutting beds (shown earlier in the week) – but have a look at the rest of the garden and you will see that elsewhere it is more subdued:

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Helen the Patient Gardener hosts this monthly end of month view, so do watch out on her blog for her monthly post and links to many others.

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8 Responses to End of Month View: Late Summer Flypast

  1. Christina says:

    There are distinct signs of approaching autumn here too Cathy – thank goodness as many plants have suffered more this year than in other years. Your garden is still looking beautiful even if a little more subdued than in the last few months.

    • Cathy says:

      Thanks Chrstina – I have taken photos of each bed to study over winter and perhaps plan what I could grow from seed to fill late summer gaps

  2. I enjoyed your slide show, Cathy. Your late summer garden is looking great. I like ALL your bold borders. P. x

  3. Your bold border really is looking great, Cathy! Lovely slideshow too, I picture lots of hakonechloa macra (Japanese forest grass) cloaking the base of your Rose pergolas …..

    • Cathy says:

      Thanks Kate – there are highlights in the bold borders but they are still too patchy 😦 And yes, I am still considering options for the base of the rose pergolas…

  4. Anna says:

    Your late summer garden is looking fabulous Cathy. The bold border is really coming together. Has that head in the snowdrop border always been red?

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