True Grit

A couple of years ago I decided the enough was enough, that the ‘tree lily’ in one of the main borders was far too big for it boots and its current spot, and indeed that there were NO suitable spots anywhere for this unnaturally larger-than-life lily. Disposing of it humanely (that is, giving it away) was on the cards, but a fellow blogger suggested it may not grow as tall in a pot. Readers, it did – perhaps 8 feet instead of its previous 6 feet, thus looking even more incongruous squeezed into the pot. Relegated to the back of the woodland edge border last autumn where it was both out of sight and out of mind would surely beat it into submission? Readers, it did not, and it now has a temporary reprieve with its head of huge pink trumpets 11 feet (yes, 11 feet!) in the clouds and the apple tree… sigh…

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13 Responses to True Grit

  1. Crikey! Never seen one of those.

  2. Beyond amazing , Cathy! Is the Golfer secretly sneaking out to feed it while you sleep ? You must get a sore neck whilst admiring its flowers . ..

  3. rusty duck says:

    15 feet next year then..

  4. [J] I can see a use for this plant. In a pot below an upstairs bedroom window. Saves the Golfer having to scale the walls with a bouquet for you. ;~)

  5. Wow that is amazing. What have you got in your soil?!

  6. This is amazing. I have never seen such a lily.

  7. dunelight says:

    My Oriental lilies are tall but not this tall. This is amazing.

  8. rickii says:

    Jack’s beanstock has nothing on you.

  9. karen says:

    That’s made me smile. Aren’t plants amazing. I was at my Mum’s house yesterday, and we were laughing over her sunflowers- all of 4″ across. Tiniest flowers we have ever seen. And we had such high hopes for them 🙂

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  11. Anna says:

    Wow! Think that I might have been that “fellow blogger”. What are you feeding yours with? 🙂 Come to think of it mine is in rather a shady spot whilst yours looks as if it might be getting more sun.

    • Cathy says:

      It was you indeed – and I only moved it from where it was shoved (literally!) At the back of the woodland edge when I saw all the glower buds! It’s a strange creature…

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