Shrub Border Foliage – Pert and Shapely

IMG_7500I have to confess to enjoying frequent admiring glances at the shrub border this year, even more so now the gorgeous candelabra primulas are showing off their jewelled rosettes. I just love the mounds of foliage (and that pulmonaria mid-picture was only added last year – isn’t it wonderful?), the froth of the grasses and the different shades of green. The contours of the border and flow and like the woodland edge border it is a real tapestry, just as evident when the colour is removed and the same view is seen in black and white, as Christina demonstrated in her foliage post earlier today.

b&w.shrubTaking a photograph as darkness begins to fall and the newish solar lights come on gives an equally engaging result, but all are a very long way from two years ago when this area was covered in grass only to be unexpectedly transformed after spontaneously liberating topsoil from our neighbour’s skip. It was following and participating in Christina’s Foliage Day posts that made me really begin to appreciate the shape and form of foliage as well as its general greenness and the concept of an essentially shrub border here came about because of this, so thank you to her – and do take a look at her blog for links to other foliage day posts.


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8 Responses to Shrub Border Foliage – Pert and Shapely

  1. Christina says:

    The B&W image really does show if a border is well designed or not; I’m pleased if I have helped inspire you to take more account of foliage; is it really two years since you liberated that soil? It seems only a few months ago, but the shrub border shows you are correct, it looks lovely Cathy. Thanks for the contribution this month.

    • smallsunnygarden says:

      Just a quick note, Christina! Once again many of my comments are being sent directly to spam, and my link for this month’s GBFD is among them. Since I seem able to comment on Cathy’s post today, I hope you won’t mind if I let you know here 🙂 Thanks!

      • Christina says:

        No comments are published until I read them and accept them so if you comment after I’ve stopped looking at messages in the evening it won’t be published until the following morning, one of the drawbacks of living in a world where there are time zones! Sorry. I’m always happy to receive comments, communicating with other gardeners is why I blog!

  2. Black and white imagery is one of my favourite tests for structure in my plantings too. It reveals flaws which can be corrected as well as things that work to earn their keep in a border.

  3. Oh I love the lights!

  4. texture and contrast are everything and this border shows it Cathy, like the lights too, Frances

  5. smallsunnygarden says:

    What you’ve achieved in two years is amazing, Cathy. The planting looks so mature and settled-in! And the range of textures is lovely and so well shown in the black and white photo 🙂
    And now hoping my comment doesn’t end up in spam as is happening all too often again!

  6. Those lights are so effective. Good idea re the B/W photos. I shall give it a go. That Pulmonaria looks very happy.

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