Wordless Wednesday: Sleeping Beeauties


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4 Responses to Wordless Wednesday: Sleeping Beeauties

  1. These are anemones? How big do these get?

  2. How exciting to see a sweet bumble.

  3. homeslip says:

    Super photos Cathy. I’ve just planted a red, white and blue anemone mix. I bought 10 large corms, the size of a new penny, from the grower at the Wisley Spring plant fair and he tells me they should flower within six weeks. We shall see. Last year’s supermarket corms took about 90 days to flower. Sarah Raven has some useful tips on prolonging anemones. She says they will continue flowering for a couple of years but then you can dig up the corms, clean and dry them and then re-plant in fresh soil.

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