An Old Gate Post

IMG_6949Solid as a rock
Class act on an old gate post
Firm until it falls

Solid as a rock, class act on an old gate post
Class act on an old gate post, firm until it falls

Today I am joining Ronovan Writes for his haiku challenge (challenge words firm and class) and Wild Daffodil‘s photo challenge (challenge word solid). Thanks to both of them for hosting.

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12 Responses to An Old Gate Post

  1. I do like your garden sculpture. I see a chorister carrying a candle.

  2. I had to laugh , Cathy, I had such a lot of fun trying to format a poem on WP yesterday. So, I shall appreciate your’s all the more. I especially like the pairing of your haiku with the sculpture, even the seam above the lynch pin is evocative.

    • Cathy says:

      Thanks Kate – and if it’s any consolation I wrestled with formatting when I first posted poems but then found the solution within the WordPress ‘help’ topics – as you may have discovered by now you need to press the ‘shift’ and ‘return’ keys at the same time to get the text on the next line. I always double check by previewing before I post these days. It was an interesting exercise taking the photo for the haiku as the post came from my Mum’s house and has been weathering here for a few years now so the ‘seam’ is become more pronounced and the stone is sitting more solidly on the post as the innards begin to disintegrate and form a hollow

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  4. love your gate post. I always admire the grooves in old posts. Nowt so queer as folk?

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