Synonymical Liberties

IMG_6757Nothingness consumes
Crystal water, fiery air
Grows seed in dark earth

Nothingness consumes crystal water, fiery air
Crystal water, fiery air grows seed in dark earth

Joining in with Wild Daffodil and friends’ 52 week photo challenge, with challenge word ‘zero’, and Ronovan’s haiku challenge with challenge words ‘gem’ and ‘flame’ – and synonyms a-plenty!


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17 Responses to Synonymical Liberties

  1. I really like the way you have arranged your photos with the triple zero at the base. The colours and textures working so well together. And all so full of potential. It is thrilling to see where these challenges take us. 👍 👏 💚

  2. I love these challenges, the results are always so engaging and thought provoking.

  3. Nice solutions to both challenges!

  4. Cathy says:

    Thanks Linda – it took a bit of tweaking!

  5. Chloris says:

    Very clever and inventive!

  6. Renee says:

    This is very creative… Thanks for sharing this inspiration.

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  8. Olga says:

    Loved your haiku and the images of potential in negative space. Adding each zero expands the possibilities. Very intriguing post, Cathy.

  9. Love this! I’m particularly drawn to the dark, deep green in each. Great photo illustrations and haiku.

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