Winter Haiku

IMG_6571Sly winter sneaks past
With no trumpet blast or trill
The final curtain fell

Sly winter sneaks past with no trumpet blast or trill
With no trumpet blast or trill the final curtain fell

Joining in with Wild Daffodil and her gang’s photographic challenge with the prompt ‘winter’ and Ronovan‘s haiku challenge with the prompt words ‘final’ and ‘trill’. Thank you to all of them for hosting the challenges and do visit their blogs to find other posts which rise to meet one or both of the challenges.

Winter here in the UK Midlands has mostly been very mild, with several early spring blooms beginning to show their faces before Christmas. A recent week of temperatures barely above freezing slowed things down but in the last few days they have again begun to rise, confusing gardeners as well as gardens. We were forecast snow showers a little over a week ago and woke to snowy photogenic gardens but the couple of inches you can see highlighting this part of the garden had gone by the end of the day. As I write, the wind is whipping through the trees outside and there is talk of another storm, so has the curtain fallen on our winter for this year? Who knows…

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19 Responses to Winter Haiku

  1. Pauline says:

    Love your snowy picture, even though the snow didn’t last very long. The latest storm has hit us, the wind was howling most of the night and the rain arrived this morning, another day with no gardening!

  2. Winter not final
    Here the wind whips a cold trill
    Wrapping our warm home

    • Wow! Great Haiku Lisa – will you enter it in Ronovan’s Haiku Challenge? It really is a lovely friendly community.

    • Cathy says:

      Haiku comments – how exciting! And such an appropriate haiku too – looking at the scenario from a different viewpoint. You will be posting it yourself, I trust, and linking to both challenges?

  3. Thoughtful, interesting, and fun, such a wonderful response to the challenge.

  4. rickii says:

    We are being promised a mild winter the rest of the way after just enough freezing to kill some of the nasty bugs. Best of both worlds, I say: sounds like yours is similar and you got a nice photo out of it.

  5. Anna says:

    You’ve certainly risen to the challenge Cathy. Mild, moist and tree whipping windy here today but gentle in comparison to the Burns Night Storm of 1990. I returned from work and had to climb over a fallen tree to get home – not a comfortable feat in a skirt and carrying a briefcase 🙂

  6. Renee says:

    snow looks so pretty (and inspires your creative poetry) but i’m always glad i can just look at it, rather than actually deal with it!

  7. You were able to capture the scene before it disappeared – I like your idea of Winter sneaking past – it does seem to be illusive this year. So glad to have you with us in the challenges. 😀

  8. A lovely wintery feel..

  9. Ronovan says:

    We had the exact same thing happen here in the Southern part of the US. Southern as in the South Eastern part of the nation, which is what we call the South. In this case the state of Georgia where Atlanta is.

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  12. jazzytower says:

    Lovely haiku, lovely photo:)

  13. Great haiku and picture. Great job combining the challenges. 🙂

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