End of Month View: Still Busting Out

It came as a bit of a surprise seeing End of Month View posts appearing, as the month has flown past and the thought that it is July tomorrow is quite mind boggling. Admittedly I have been quite preoccupied with non-blogging things this month, but my rambles have still been frequent and my delight in the garden undiminished. I have even managed the occasional bit of maintenance – although a systematic and focussed programme of weeding is what is really required!

Anyhow, accepting that it is really the end of June, I am joining in with Helen the Patient Gardener‘s EOMV meme to show what my garden is doing at the end of this currently very hot month. I waited till later in the day to take photographs because of the bright sunshine and strong shadows so, firstly, the paved area:

IMG_5287Looking to the left from the same point, Rambling Rector is awash with blooms, smelling divine and attracting huge numbers of bees:

IMG_5288Having shown a closer look at the paved area recently, I will gradually work through the other areas featured to give a more detailed picture of them. Next time it will probably be the streamside area and shrub border, shown here:

IMG_5289The woodland is a cool haven once all the trees are fully clothed:

IMG_5290A view over the herbaceous borders from the bothy chimney, with the sun still beating strongly down from the west, just after 6.00pm, casting shadows from a neighbour’s house:

IMG_5291Looking over the same beds but towards the west and trying to avoid getting the sun in the lens of the camera:

IMG_5292The clematis colonnade, with Princess Diana now evident on the first post on the left:

IMG_5294The woodland edge from the same point:

IMG_5295And looking back from the other end:

IMG_5296Continuing on the ramble, the bold border extension, right hand bold border and left hand bold border:

IMG_5297IMG_5298IMG_5299Bypassing the greenhouse, cutting beds and fruit cage to the blue & white border:

IMG_5300IMG_5301The rose garden, a little past its peak but still bountiful – and with a good deadheading a few days ago will hopefully continue to flourish for many more weeks:

IMG_5302Back towards the house the species snowdrop border is still clothed in green and white, with its alternative summer contents:

IMG_5303So that’s it for June, an end of the month overview of the main parts of the garden – an exercise I find useful as I can compare from year to year across the seasons. Don’t forget there is a map under ‘The Garden’ tab above, to show how all the areas fit together. Thanks to Helen for hosting – do pop over to her blog to see her own monthly views and find links to many others.

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17 Responses to End of Month View: Still Busting Out

  1. Eliza Waters says:

    What a full and luscious garden you have, Cathy! No wonder you’ve been busy with ‘non-blogging things,’ gardening among them!

  2. Annette says:

    Beautiful, Cathy, and the Rector is putting on an awesome show. You probably get drunk sitting underneath its bows of flowers…inhaling their scent that is 😉 Princess Diana is a star plant and flowering in my garden too. Very dry here, I hope you have more rain.

    • Cathy says:

      The Rector is unbelievably stunning Annette, and the fragrance nothing like it has ever been before – one could easily fall into a stupor sitting below it, as you suggest. Diana is settling down again after being moved about 3 years ago – I love the colour and the shape of her blooms

  3. It all looks so cool and lush. That is, apart from the bold borders. I particularly like the colours in the top bold border (the extension?). What is the purple? Are they cornflowers? Looking good, Cathy!

  4. Every single detail in your garden is at its right place, in the perfect shape and colour, a garden for the soul.Thanks for sharing these beautiful photos, Cathy!

    • Cathy says:

      Thanks Anca – possibly slightly generous with your comments… 😉 Definitely a garden for the soul, but there are still plenty of details not yet in their ‘right’ place!

  5. Pauline says:

    Your Rambling Rector is magnificent Cathy, no wonder you are pleased with it. Your red border is sizzling away in the heat, we had some much needed rain today, along with thunder which rolled around for quite some time.

    • Cathy says:

      Thanks Pauline – the Rector always looks good but he is excelling himself this year. We had the slightest of rumbles and about four and a half spots of rain at lunchtime, but perhaps your thunderstorms are heading this way. We have installed an overflow water butt in anticipation…(well, coincidence, really!)

  6. Anna says:

    Hope that you found some time yesterday to sit down yesterday with a cool drink to hand and enjoy the scent from your beautiful roses.

  7. homeslip says:

    It looks fresh and very interesting. I’m very impressed by your hard landscaping abilities. The far right white annual (your final pic) is a corn cockle (agrostemma githago) I think. My pink ones have been lasting well in the vase, despite the heat but I change the water and snip a cm off the ends everyday.

    • Cathy says:

      Thanks for that – I did think that last one looked like something I should know. No suggestions for the others though…. ps I love my bricklaying and haven’t done any since the Bothy last year, so perhaps I should come up with a new project… 😉

  8. Finally catching up a bit and what a treat…and oh the flowers are beautiful especially that first view…now I see how you get the variety of blooms for your vases.

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