Greenhouse Review: Highs and Lows

IMG_5149For the last few months Julie of Peonies and Posies has been encouraging us to join in a monthly review of our greenhouses – I am afraid there is very little to say about mine at the moment apart from the fact there have been some real extremes of temperature recently, up to the high 30s and into the 40s in the daytime and surprisingly as low as 4ºc overnight. There is talk of thundery weather tomorrow, but looking at our local forecast they may pass us by although Saturday looks set to be a very wet day – great for filling up our water butts but not for those showing off their gardens this weekend like Sue of From Sewing Room to Potting Shed .

In our larger greenhouse I have managed to pot on some of the tomatoes into their final pots, and tied them into their supports (rather later than I would like IMG_5150to have done), but there are still more to do. With the greenhouse water butts being empty, all water for the greenhouses and adjacent cutting beds is having to be carried from elsewhere, a frequent job during this dry weather. The smaller greenhouse requires less watering as it is almost empty, now containing only some Hayloft salvias waiting to be potted on, some second sowings of Californian poppy and centaura (to compare growth and flowering times with the autumn sowings) and a few other oddments. Given some thinking time, I may begin to consider biennials to sow for flowering next year, not something I have done before – autumn sowing of annuals last year, but not biennials – but in the meantime I am spending as little time in the greenhouses as possible because of the heat!

I wonder what Julie has been up to in her greenhouses since last month? Do pop over to her blog to have a look and maybe find links to other bloggers’ greenhouses too.

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17 Responses to Greenhouse Review: Highs and Lows

  1. Dina says:

    I’d love to have a green house like this!! 🙂

  2. rusty duck says:

    I’ve only just finished potting up the tomatoes too. Big sigh of relief that job is done.

  3. The Belmont Rooster says:

    Awesome post!

  4. Thanks for sharing, I have been wanting to make better use of my greenhouse and feel inspired by your posts.

  5. Cathy says:

    I just wish I had a greenhouse! I’ve once again planted mine out into the open ground but every year for the past three they’ve been blighted (trying Bordeaux mix this year). What size pots did you use for your toms?

  6. croftgarden says:

    It is a universal truth that gardeners are never happy with the weather. You have one extreme of high pressure and we have the other. We may be shivering under a blanket of cloud, but with no rain we’re having to water too.
    A very impressive tidy greenhouse, and I’m sure you could grow some pots of the more tender herbs in their during the summer. You might add autumn sowing of perennials to your list, many need a cold spell and will germinate early next spring. I’m sure you’ve still got room to squeeze in a few more plants.

    • Cathy says:

      Any herbs you recommend for the greenhouse? I had already decided to look out for different perennials to grow from seed – really and although I am indeed beginning to wonder whether I can squeeze more in I am prepared to cull duplicates of some things or reduce clumps…

  7. rickii says:

    You make those of us with greenhouse envy feel a little better by sharing how hot it gets.

    • Cathy says:

      There is an automatic roof vent and a few opening louvres but faces south and gets the sun early on from the east as well so soon heats up. Perhaps I should think about some shading…

  8. Brian Skeys says:

    I would encourage you to sow some biennials, Cathy. Grown from seed they are a cheap way to add some wow to the borders or cutting garden.

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