Garden Bloggers Foliage Day: Clumps

IMG_5048Thanks to Christina for hosting a monthly foliage feature which prompts us to look at our foliage in a different way and appreciate it for itself and not just as a background for our blooms. Earlier this season it was good to watch new clumps emerging from the ground but now we are beginning to see really sizeable clumps which fill the garden with a tapestry stitched with a kaleidoscope of greens and other shades.

In the blue & white borders we have Echinops bannaticus ‘Blue Glow’, a lost label geranium and a similarly unlabeled white aconitum in the photo above, then below there is cerinthe, hellebore, Ammi visnaga,  clary, and polymonium, and in the third photo poppy,  delphinium (whoohoo! that’s a first!) and veronica – and if you zoom in can I wonder if you see what I can see (I’ll give you a clue – it’s small and red)? 😦

IMG_5049IMG_5050In the main herbaceous borders there is a pristine clump of Stachys byzantia ‘Big Ears’ and a mega clump of a lost label geranium (it might introduce itself when the flowers come out) with a hint of Campanula ‘Loddon Anna’ – in fact the garden is full of wonderful geranium clumps and I love every one of them!

IMG_5053IMG_5052The Mother of All Clumps is, of course, the woodland edge border – need I say more?

IMG_5055Please excuse the likely brevity of my posts and a lack of diligence in comments over this and the next two or three weeks as I am hunched over my laptop with other stuff, with the occasional break to go and deal with urgent garden tasks! Thanks to Christine, Christina and Ginny for identifying the mystery plant as Ornithogalum nutans – no idea how it got there but I love Ginny’s comment about the immaculate conception and Star of Bethlehem link!

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8 Responses to Garden Bloggers Foliage Day: Clumps

  1. Pauline says:

    Red lily beetle lurking in the background? You have lots of lovely clumps, everything is looking so healthy and happy and your woodland edge border is a tapestry of texture.

  2. Christina says:

    The woodland edge border is stunning, all those different greens and different textures, I love it. Geraniums do make great looking clumps even without their flowers, I have one that is spreading nicely now that I have a bit more shade in certain parts of the garden. Thanks for joining GBFD even though you’re busy. I’m intrigued that you are hunched over the laptop, what’s so important it’s keeping you from your rambles?

    • Cathy says:

      Thanks Christina – it is indeed stunning, almost unbelievably so… Busy with exam/test marking, the first time I have had to do it online

      • victoria walster says:

        Just looking at the blog with my mum for the first time – has really put a smile on my face. Victoria-from-marking

        • Cathy says:

          Oh welcome, Victoria-from-marking and Vfm’s Mum – so glad you have popped in and found something to smile at. Do come again – and if either of you want more info about starting a blog do let me know. Hope all is well

  3. ricki grady says:

    Life and blogging: constantly vying for our attention. Short and sweet it is, and good luck with your other obligations.

  4. Love the shapes and textures in your photos, I gat a lot of good ideas from your posts.

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