Wordless Wednesday: Do You Want to Know a Secret?


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6 Responses to Wordless Wednesday: Do You Want to Know a Secret?

  1. Christina says:

    Not one I know Cathy; I see it is raining with you, here it feels like summer has arrived.

  2. Maggy says:

    What a wonderful colour and shape will definitely look out for this tulip at garden centres. Going to Hodsock Priory this Saturday to see bluebells. Just want to say how much I enjoy reading Rambling in the Garden


    • Cathy says:

      Oh thanks Maggie, and welcome – enjoy the bluebells at Hodsock. They were beautiful at Renishaw where we were yesterday but at least I can try and recreate the same effect to a very small degree in my own garden

  3. Chloris says:

    Whose secret? Victoria’ s? It’ s a beauty.

  4. That’s a beauty! The color is definitely alluring, and the shape is provocative. (Hmmm…maybe I should stick with garden/nature writing. ๐Ÿ˜‰ I enjoyed your glimpses of your lovely garden in your previous post, too. Wow, it’s definitely my style of garden. Sorry about the delay with the comment moderation. I had a crazy afternoon, and I do indeed read every comment before I publish. Thank you so much for your continued sharing and commenting. ๐Ÿ™‚

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