In a Vase on Monday: Collection of Compositae

IMG_3356Hopefully I have not upset any botanical purists  by incorrectly including anything that does not belong to the compositae family, and although this large family includes 104,365 different species these were the only ones I could muster today for this vase. Contrary to what I said last week, having looked at my previous vase posts, today’s vase is in fact the 51st of the meme, making next week’s a full year of them. I have decided to mark the occasion the following week by looking back over the whole year and offering a ‘giveaway’ – so look out for the post on November 10th.

The collection of compositae was planned over the last few days, leaving me eagerly checking to see which of the small choice of available plants would do me proud and be in flower today, as it might have ended up a collection solely of cosmos. There were a couple of emerging buds on Bishop of Llandaff (a prettier shade in bud than when open, perhaps), a sole flower on that rogue Dahlia ‘Noordwijks Glorie’ which I am convinced has been mislabelled, several freshly open Tithonia ‘Torch’ and what I think are the stars today, two Rudbeckia ‘Rustic Dwarf’ flowers, grown from seedlings given to me by a friend (I have already bought seed for next year). Spent flowers from the rudbeckia with their emerging black cones were included for added interest, with a few sprigs cut from  Trachelospermum asiaticum.

IMG_3358Having cut all the above first, I did wonder whether not to include any cosmos after all, but visualising a short chunky grouping in a jug or vase they helped pad it out, although in the end I didn’t include all of the cosmos pickings and will have a little vase of them in the bathroom. I had intended to try and use a container that had not been featured before, but with another short arrangement I quickly reverted to the cream car boot jug with the orange trim. Having fiddled about trying to intersperse the pink of the cosmos with its brighter neighbours and feeling that the more I handled the flowers the more they would suffer, in the end I just twisted a rubber band round them and cut the stems again so the flowers just sat above the rim of the jug. Being dry and fairly bright outside the light was good, and the vase was photographed beside the trough at the side of the house, against the background of mossy stones.

I am not entirely satisfied with the end result, being left with a feeling that ‘it will do’, but having looked back this week at every other vase I have made for the meme I know there were many others that started out like that but grew on me as I lived with them during the ensuing days – and it’s all part of the learning process! As materials become more limited, who knows what will be in next week’s vase – but I can assure you there will be something! If you would like to join in and experience the challenge of finding things from your own garden or round about to put in a container and bring into the house to enjoy during the week, then please do. If you would like to share the result with us then just leave a link in a comment  on this post to yours, and a link on yours back to this post. You would be very welcome!


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44 Responses to In a Vase on Monday: Collection of Compositae

  1. Cathy congrats on almost a whole year. I like the idea of flowers from one family and I love the jug again. I have one more vase for next week as the freeze is predicted this coming weekend and the flowers are just about gone. And the foliage is less and less but I may have one more after that too although less likely with a freeze. All foliage will die and I will have cut back much of the garden…but there is always the grasses so who knows. Here’s this week’s vase:

    • Cathy says:

      Thanks Donna – I shall be really interested to hear about how your garden changes over your freezing season and to see if you can find alternatives to flowers or foliage.

  2. Chloris says:

    I love your delightful daisies. The Rudbeckia is such a pretty colour and I love your jug. You have done an amazing job keeping up for a year. I’m looking forward to seeing what you will have in the winter months, specially December which is a challenge for anyone.
    I am joining in with your meme this month.

    • Cathy says:

      Tanks Chloris – the rudbeckia are really striking and supposedly easy to grow. I love their seedheads too. Having started the meme last November, this winter will have the benefit of my more roving eyes for material – it will be a doddle (well, maybe)! Off to look at yours now 🙂

  3. Christina says:

    Amazing that it is nearly a year; I also looked back at quite a few of the vases to write this post about the cuttings garden. Would yo like us all to do some kind of resume of the year; I haven’t joined in every week but am surprised how many times I did find something in the winter. The Rudbeckias are brilliant and would mix well with lots of other tones. Here’s my link:

    • Cathy says:

      Amazing indeed! I shall leave it up to individuals whether they do an overview or not – even looking back over our own postings was an eye opener, as you have found already. You can’t have missed many weeks, as you were one of the first and have been very loyal! 🙂 It would have been good to have had more rudbeckia, but I perhaps had no more than half a dozen flowers and never more than one at a time until now!

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  5. Congrats on your longevity! It is not always easy to keep up a meme and I am glad I discovered you and it. I always am surprised by how different an arrangement can look straight on and from above. I often try to design mine where they will go to allow for that difference in view. Worked with a friend on this week’s bouquets:

    • Cathy says:

      Thanks Linda – interesting to read that you often design yours for a particular spot. I wouldn’t ever see mine if I put them anywhere other than the kitchen (or the bathroom, I suppose)! Glad you are enjoying the meme.

  6. johnvic8 says:

    Well done, Cathy. It has been fun to be part of this meme (I even learned a new word). Your vase today is lovely and most creative. My offering this week can be found at:

  7. AnnetteM says:

    Congratulations on managing this for nearly a whole year. I will do my best to muster something from the garden for your special week – though it might be all foliage!

  8. Kris P says:

    I love daisies in all forms. One of the Rudbeckia has petals that are mostly green (at least on my screen) with touches of red – which is that? It’s very interesting in any case. My vase this week is probably more reminiscent of spring than evocative of fall but you cut what you find:

  9. Anna says:

    Oh what delightful daisies Cathy. My mind boggles at the thought of all 104,365 family members. A little vase from me this week over at :
    I will do my utmost to join in your anniversary celebrations next Monday 🙂

    • Cathy says:

      When I googled just to check, there was a list of all of them…. Although next week is the 52nd vase, the ‘anniversary post’ will be the following week, 10th Nov – glad you enjoy joining in when you can

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  11. A very pretty vase as always. The cosmos do indeed help fill it out, but don’t steal the show. You have such a nice collection of little jugs and other non-vase vessels! I also wonder what the green daisy is. Looking forward to your anniversary vase!

    Here is my vase for this week:

    • Cathy says:

      Thanks Kimberley – and I did try to use a different vase, honest! Did you see the reply about the ‘green daisy’? Just a rudbeckia minus its petals!

  12. I love the bold, joyful colors in your arrangements…It gives the day that extra lift.

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  14. Hi Cathy, How wonderful for you to have posted this meme for very nearly a year! It is so fun to join in and see what people are creating around the world. I love your little jug and flowers and how different it looks from the different angles! Here is my link: See you next week 🙂 Dana

    • Cathy says:

      Thanks Dana – and I realised that you could hardly see the Bishop of Llandaff flowers in the first photo so at least the one from above shows them off better. Glad you are enjoying joining in

  15. Well done, Cathy, on your nearly anniversary! That is so inspirational, giving me encouragement with my challenge of the Cutting Calender, and to have a vase for a whole year. I am a bit uncertain how I will keep it going over the next couple of months, but I managed through January, so I should manage something. Hopefully next Monday too, as I would like to join in for your anniversary! Oh, and a beautiful, bright vase for today!

    • Cathy says:

      Thanks Ali – and well done to you too of course. That’s why I find challenges quite helpful – and achieving a challenge has a built-in feelgood factor! I am sure you will easily get through the next couple of months too. It will be a fortnight today that I will mark the occasion of a year of vases, but you are welcome to link up whenever you choose

  16. Julie says:

    Hi Cathy, your vase is very colourful and striking today, its lovely to see so much colou at the end of October. I grew Rudbeckia ‘rustic dwarf’ this year for the first time and have been very pleased. I understand although not fully hardy in a mild winter they may survive.

    • Cathy says:

      Thanks Julie – and I hadn’t even considered that the Rustic Dwarves might get through the winter. Hmm… that would make a good vase title in some form or another…:)

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  19. Cathy says:

    That’s just perfect for the end of the golden month – a gorgeous Rudbeckia. The one that has lost its petals looks really pretty too! And the jug is just right. We should all take a leaf out of your book and try and keep it up for a year at least! Here’s my link for this week.
    I nearly didn’t rally myself in the grey and damp gloom today, but so glad I did, and that’s thanks to you Cathy! 🙂 🙂

    • Cathy says:

      So glad you felt you had to rally, Cathy – knowing that others are waiting for me to post a vase so they can add their links is such a good incentive for me, and I am always thrilled to have that vase sitting there for me to admire! 🙂

  20. Julie says:

    It is hard to believe you are so close to a year – thank you so much for providing this weekly inspiration Cathy! Your little jug looks lovely this week – I particularly like the rudbeckia and must make a note to try it next year.

    You can find my contribution this week at :

    • Cathy says:

      Thanks Julie – and everyone seems to be taken with the Rustic Dwarf so we shall all be having a go with them next year, I think!

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  22. rickii says:

    Your bouquet is especially fetching photographed from above so we can see the greenish (spent Rudbeckia?). I hope you’re up for another year, as I just recently joined and am thinking the challenge of the winter months sounds like fun.

  23. pbmgarden says:

    Love your collection of composites today Cathy and staging them among the moss is nice. I too am taken with your Rudbeckia. My vase does not look autumnal but it was so rewarding to work on today. Thanks for hosting.

  24. bittster says:

    I always love to see those darker rudbeckias, I just never know what to put them with…. now I have ideas!
    I didn’t make it this week, to many things got in the way, but I’m hoping I an join for the end of the first year post!

  25. Nice theme for a vase! I love ‘Rustic Dwarf’, it even overwintered for me this year, not sure if I will sow more next year, I need to have a bit of a rethink about where I put annuals. Congratulations on almost a first year of a phenomenally successful meme, you’ve really inspired a lot of people.

    • Cathy says:

      Other people have mentioned this about Rustic Dwarf too, so it makes sense not to hoik it out. If it wasn’t for the cutting beds I wouldn’t have any place for annuals either – as they never seem to be successful (for me) just shoved into a border between other things. The vase meme has exceeded any expectations I might have had and I am thrilled that it has inspired so many others as well as myself 🙂

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