Grasping the Nettle

Having moved the three (now sad looking, but hopefully only temporarily so) pillar fruit trees down to  the fruit cage yesterday…..

IMG_3165…. and being prevented from relocating further shrubs into the new shrub border not only by the Golfer’s presence, digging out an ancient fence post and cutting the tree stumps closer to the ground, but also by our newish neighbour serendipitously starting to replace her fence panels to give a nice solid back to my new shrub border (or perhaps it was just to stop her dog escaping)…..

IMG_3163…..I allowed myself instead to make a nominal start on the end of the woodland edge border that was the subject of my most recent ‘good idea’. The snowdrops are perhaps better moved once they are at least in leaf, the two hellebores and a persicaria (‘Superbum’?) can wait till we have had some rain as they are things I don’t want to lose, but I managed to remove some of the native thalictrum (meadow rue), polygonum and ivy, their roots intertwined and densely matted together. A large nettle, however, inadvertently grasped, can wait until I am wearing a pair of gloves – ouch!




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11 Responses to Grasping the Nettle

  1. Christina says:

    busy, busy, busy! Don’t forget to make some good plant food with the nettle.

  2. Don’t you just hate it when that happens! Probably, the only time I ever don gloves, is when I’m faced with roses and nettles, but they have a way of catching you out when underdressed!

    • Cathy says:

      It’s when you think, ‘oh I’ll just have a quick 10 minutes in passing’ and you end up doing more than you intended. I will always put on my gardening clogs/cutdown wellies when I go out but gloves are another matter altogether!

  3. Anna says:

    Oooouch indeed! Will this rejigging mean lifting all your special snowdrops Cathy?

    • Cathy says:

      Oh no, definitely not Anna – I wouldn’t be quite so gung-ho about it if it did! They are in their own special border and don’t mix with the riff-raff common snowdrops!

  4. That does give you a great space to work with…Really anxious to see where you take this.

  5. bittster says:

    One thing leads to another and then all of a sudden the neighbor joins in!
    You’re on a roll, keep it going -as I’m sure you will 🙂

  6. Ouch always amazes me how long the stinging feeling of a close encounter with a nettle can last…

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