In a Vase on Monday: Here’s One I Made Earlier

IMG_2979Knowing I wouldn’t be at home to produce a vase, I prepared a draft post towards the end of last week and can now confidently press ‘Publish’ on the WordPress app on my phone without having to find a wi-fi hotspot to publish it from my laptop!

The main occupants of the vase were shouting at me from their elevated position next to the ‘bus shelter’, a profuse second flush of Madame Alfred Carrière roses – only a few days before there were only one or two in bloom then all of a sudden the stems were full of the blousy beauties. This is exactly what happened with the first flush, from nothing to everything in just a few days – easily the most floriferous of my roses. She is a fragrant noisette variety with medium sized creamy white blooms and perhaps an occasional flush of baby pink, and the quantity of flowers meant I could be generous with my pickings – but I needed a ladder to do so!

‘Mollie Rilestone’ sweet pea has a similar colourway with creamy white frilly flowers edged in pink and a delightful perfume, making her an ideal companion for Madame AC. All the flowers were cut to a similar length and most of the leaves removed, then the rose stems were conditioned in boiling water for 20 seconds or so before being loosely placed in an amethyst purple Caithness Glass rose bowl. At this point I decided some feathery foliage was required so popped out and cut some ‘Candy Stripe’ cosmos stems, each with just a hint of bud, and built up a posy by hand. Once complete, the posy was tied with string and popped in the vase, the first time I have tried this – it was certainly a good way of balancing the contents and keeping them from shifting while the vase was being moved.

Hears.oneIn the circumstances another title wasn’t required but if it had it would have to have been something romantic, so in recognition of this the vase was photographed with ‘The Nation’s Favourite Love Poems’, one of a series of collections of poetry published in conjunction with the BBC (the favourite being ‘Sonnet from the Portuguese XLIII How do I love thee? Let me count the ways’ by Elizabeth Barrett Browning).

Whilst we are gallivanting in Shropshire in our campervan hopefully you will be picking things from your own gardens and putting them in a vase to enjoy over the next few days. Thank you to everyone who already joins in with this meme – you know just how much fun there is to be had in doing so. Anyone is welcome to join in, whether regularly or occasionally – but if you would like us to share in the pleasure of your vase please leave a comment on this post with a link to yours, and also a link to this post from yours. See you next week!



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  2. Christina says:

    I bet you’re been long to use that title! A very pretty vase today Cathy and I agree very romantic colours. Hope you’re having a great time and the weather is being kind. Here’s my post:

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  4. Julie says:

    Hi Cathy, your vase is really very pretty, your trip looks wonderful so far. Heres my first modest attempt today.

    • Cathy says:

      Thanks Julie – we came home yesterday and of course was vase was just a heap of rose petals! Look forward to seeing yours – and one thing we have learned with this meme is that ‘simple’ is just as effective as anything less so 😉

  5. Fabulous roses and sweet peas…I also had some roses I used this week but mine were miniature so I created some small vases. Hoping you have loads of fun on your roaming the countryside.

  6. pbmgarden says:

    Your flowers are just beautiful and the fragrance must be over-the-top. Your ‘Mollie Rilestone’ is a pretty sweet pea (none of my annual sweet peas made it this year). Enjoy your vacation Cathy and thanks for helping us all enjoy fresh flowers indoors. My vase is

    • Cathy says:

      Thanks Susie. The sweet peas were actually from a free packet – although not all of them are what they were meant to be, some were plain white and some plain lavender. I think I shall look out for them for next year as the blooms are gorgeous and on really long stems – 12+ inches some of them!

  7. johnvic8 says:

    Beautiful arrangement. Congratulations on your new found tech savvy.Have a wonderful and safe trip. My vase is

    • Cathy says:

      Oh thanks John – although when it came to publish the draft post I had to search round to find how to do it, whereas publishing a new one directly there was a ‘publish’ button. I don’t generally use my phone for photographs so I shall only post from it on rare occasions.

  8. Another beauty Cathy. Enjoy your campervan outing, hope you see some new things to inspire. This week, I did what you said and thought outside the box. Take a look at

    • Cathy says:

      Thanks Dorris – will be posting more about the trip in a few days, after I have caught up on comments and other blogs I enjoy reading. It’s a whole new world out of the box, isn’t it?! 🙂

  9. Nothing so romantic in my garden as roses, but my bouquet was for the table for our anniversary dinner. I love making bouquets for the house so I am delighted to have discovered your blog.

    • Cathy says:

      Hi Linda – good to hear from you and thanks for your dropping in. If you would like to link to this meme as well as the others please feel free to include a link between them – I was able to click on your name to find your post but it would be good for others to see your beautiful vase too.

  10. Kris P says:

    Technology has it’s uses. I’m glad to hear you’re off enjoying a holiday but that you managed a vase post as well. I was surprised to see you still have sweet peas – mine are but a distant memory and I’ve already missed the informal deadline for planting seeds in anticipation of next year’s crop. Perhaps I’ll get to that when we’re through our current heatwave. As today is also Garden Bloggers’ Bloom Day, I’ve folded my vase into my Bloom Day post, which you can find here: Thanks for hosting Cathy!

    • Cathy says:

      Just a couple of days away and back home now, such is the advantage of our campervan. I am thrilled with my sweet pea success, Kris, but need to get better at picking them regularly – still a little early here for planting them for next year but I do have seeds waiting, as my Autumn sowings were the most successful. Will do my GBBD post today, after I have caught up with vases!

  11. I didn’t know I was supposed to put the cut roses into boiling water. Does this keep them longer? I love your very sweet arrangement and I can imagine how lovely the scents are! So, so pretty. Today was a first “remote” publishing experience for me, too, as I set wordpress to publish the post at 8:00 A.M. while I was en-route to work! That was handy 🙂 Here’s my link! Thanks so much Cathy! I love my Monday posts best!

    • Cathy says:

      Yes, I have learned that conditioning the stems this way really does help stop premature petal fall – the bottom inch or so for about 20 secs is recommended. Well done for YOUR remote publishing experience – I didn’t think of that option. How far in advance can you do it? I really look forward to my Monday posts too 🙂

  12. Elizabeth says:

    A very romantic offering this week, Cathy. The mix of roses and sweet peas is perfectly beautiful and the addition of the cosmos foliage ideal. I’ll have to keep in mind that method of tying the posy with string … I’m sure it will help a lot. Hope you are having a wonderful time in Shropshire. My vase this week can be found here:

    • Cathy says:

      Thanks Elizabeth, back home safely now. The cosmos foliage and buds have lasted well and I have kept them in the vase, replacing the spent flowers with more sweet peas. For a wide rimmed vase, tying the roses together really made a difference and prevented them flopping but with a big bunch of sweet peas it wasn’t necessary.

  13. What a beautiful gift to start the week with and get us all through Monday morning.

  14. Cathy says:

    Smells wonderful Cathy! (Looks lovely too!) So your flowers shout out to you too? Mine have been very loud recently, all wanting their moment of glory on my blog! 😉
    Here’s my vase for this week:

  15. Chloris says:

    Very pretty they are too. It is a good idea tying them with string.
    I hope you are having a wonderful time gadding about Shropshire.

    • Cathy says:

      Thanks Chloris, and yes we did – even though most of the places we went to are near enough for a day trip having the campervan and stopping a night or two really makes for a difference experience altogether.

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  17. Julie says:

    Your vase reminded me how much I love Madame Alfred Carrière roses – I had her growing in my last garden and really must order a new one for this garden. I am also very impressed by your wordpress app that lets you publish without needing wi fi – I need to investigate that! I hope you are having a lovely time in your camper van.

    My contribution this week is at

    • Cathy says:

      Back home and wired up again now, Julie! You do of course still need mobile internet access on your phone for the app (but that is more readily available than wi fi) – and presumably it will be a similar app for tablets too. I am afraid I use it rather too frequently for checking comments on my the blog from my phone, but at least it is less of a time-user than switching my laptop on! The MAC roses have been especially lovely this year.

  18. I plented Rosa Madame Carriere earlier this year and will now look forward to some rich pickings next year. My contribution this week is at

  19. In true Blue Peter fashion! A lovely vase, Cathy! Trust you’re enjoying Shropshire – it is a beautiful, rural place, largely unspoilt.

    • Cathy says:

      Thanks Ali – and we hadn’t appreciated just how ‘hilly’ the hillier parts are. Will probably do a one night stop soon to go into Shrewsbury which I haven’t been to since to-ing and fro-ing to Aberytswyth Uni on the train in the early 70s, and then a couple of days further north in Shropshire in the spring to Wollerton again and the other nearby gardens. So much to do, so many places to go to, so good to now have the campervan…!

  20. Anna says:

    A most romantic vase. Mollie is such a subtle shade. Is she strongly scented Cathy? Your vase and it skills merit a Blue Peter badge.

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  22. You posted Vase Day on the right day and Bloom Day a day late. I did the opposite; with Bloom Day yesterday and Vase Day today. I didn’t want to miss it, though, since there are so few Mondays left before the flowers freeze! Your vases are lovely and romantic looking, definitely not evocative of fall at all! Mine are more autumnal this week:

    • Cathy says:

      Thanks Kimberley – and hopefully you will still find things in your garden to put in a vase even when your flowers do freeze…! 🙂

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