When Time Stood Still….

IMG_2975The cutting, lopping and pruning has continued apace, soon to be joined by shredding now that the shredder has been repaired. I had already begun considering how to enhance the area at the bottom of the woodland and create a focal point now the area was beginning to open up – and perhaps the controversial mahonia in the bottom corner could go too…. How about a bothy, a simple wooden shelter…? IMG_2976The germ of an idea was taking shape, but I was not prepared for what was to follow.



IMG_2973All that was left of the ash (above left) and wild cherryΒ  (on the right in the same picture, clothed in ivy) in the woodland was about 15 feet of trunk. The Golfer had erected the scaffolding to begin cutting the trunk down in manageable sections and not surprisingly I took advantage of the secured ladder to nip up and admire the elevated view. I have mentioned before that we have no upstairs views of the garden and I feel slightly envious of those who can gaze down at their gardens from a height and get a completely different perspective. On this occasion my view included large piles of tree waiting to be shredded, but nevertheless I could also see out over the main borders, the clematis colonnade, the woodland edge border, the rose garden and the top of the greenhouses and fruit cage…..wonderful!

I was telling the Golfer about the novelty of experiencing this and how I could have spent ages sitting up there, when he opened his mouth and said (in jest, I think) “I suppose you want me to build you a tree house…?” A glazed look came over my eyes and time stood briefly still – no, not a tree house, but some sort of elevated structure so I could enjoy this view whenever I chose….. Out of nothing a half-baked scheme was hatched in an instant, so watch this space….!


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22 Responses to When Time Stood Still….

  1. Christina says:

    I love that for you from and idea to completed project is but a moment.

    • Cathy says:

      It will take more than a moment to come to fruition though as the concept is still fermenting – but once the plan is made it will happen pretty quickly, I agree!

  2. It is so lovely to be able to do and plan in a garden. Look forward to hearing more.

    • Cathy says:

      It is indeed – and the cogs in my head are turning as I try and establish the best way of achieving the basic concept… I do love developing an idea like this…

  3. Cathy says:

    Time to let that imagination go wild and thoughts to ramble! Happy dreaming/planning!

  4. Annette says:

    Oh a tree house… a dream of mine! Isn’t he awful clever but then he may not know what he’s letting himself into! How brave to remove these trees. It’s always a big decision. Just gave my beloved Mahonia an extra feed today… hope it’ll grow nicely πŸ˜‰

    • Cathy says:

      It won’t be a tree house, Annette – and please don’t assume that it will be the Golfer who constructs whatever-it-is…..! I have a fairly open mind about what it will be so far – but I will know when I find it!! ps I am not going to offer to dig up my mahonia and send it to you as it is going to the the big mahonia place in the sky… πŸ™‚

  5. Kris P says:

    A scenic observation tower! How wonderful that would be. Now you have me scanning our property for a site on which to put a tower or a tree house. My old house had 2 stories and I enjoyed viewing the garden from the second floor, looking through foliage and trees. Our current house is just 1 story and I miss that viewpoint (even if I can look down on the harbor and city views). I can only imagine what my husband would say if I brought up the idea…

    • Cathy says:

      But if you think, Kris, it was the Golfer who suggested it in the first place (albeit inadvertently!) πŸ™‚ I have briefly looked for aerial viewpoints before when we have been tree cutting or building, but this is the ideal spot in terms of looking out over the bottom end of the garden

  6. I can hardly wait. Whole empires have been built from moments like these…..

  7. bittster says:

    How exciting! I keep threatening to build an elevated hideaway in the back of the yard. It would overlook a dropoff so the height would appear even more daring! I’m looking forward to seeing what comes of this, unlike myself, your plans actually materialize!

  8. croftgarden says:

    Be careful what you wish for! This sounds splendid but I think you need a slide or helter-skelter descent.

  9. like you Cathy I have no upstairs view of my garden too and I’ve envied this view, sorry Cathy but I keep smiling at the thought of you ‘sitting’ and enjoying a view from above, when do you ever sit!!! and enjoy your garden, you already have a multitude of seats seldom used, I think it is the planning and building that is your enjoyment and fear it will only be used for quick glances, if you build it in brick, your favourite material to work with it should keep you occupied for a couple of weeks πŸ˜‰ seriously a lovely idea, good luck with it, Frances

  10. Oh yes, perfect, though I shall be deeply envious…

  11. Anna says:

    I have the same wish too Cathy to see my garden from above. Bungalow dwelling has many plus points but the odd minus. I suppose I could venture on to the roof but as I don’t have a good head for heights I think I will not make such a move. I look forward to seeing the final version of your crow’s nest πŸ™‚

    • Cathy says:

      Helter skelter, crow’s nest ….. all suggestions gratefully received and …well, we’ll see! ps we put windows in the roof of one of our lofts so if I stand on tip toe I can see into a neighbour’s garden, but the roof pitch wouldn’t permit a view into ours and the extension would block it anyway πŸ™‚

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