In a Vase on Monday: Shabby Chic

IMG_2907It’s Bank Holiday Monday here in the UK so, being without my usual Monday morning activities and, as it is raining, no visit to a Bank Holiday Monday car boot sale either, there is an earlier vase on Monday!

Roses were intended as a starting point today, as a number of them have suddenly produced what is definitely a ‘flush’ of new flowers, rather than an odd one or two. The IMG_2912‘Pink Perpetué’ climbing outside the front door were the last roses I saw yesterday so were still uppermost in my mind and were sporting a clutch of a dozen or so flowers in a single spray so they became the focus. I always think of them as slightly shabby as they catch the sun for much of the day and their colour tends to fade, giving the flowers a papery look – thus providing the ‘shabby chic’ title of today’s vase. They were joined in the vase with the following, in the order they were picked as I rambled down the garden and the reasons for their inclusion:

Clematis jouiniana ‘Praecox’ – shabby chic in colour and appearance
Heuchera  flower stems, slightly over but still with a pinky tone
Sweet Pea ‘Mollie Rilestone’ – old fashioned appearance and might encourage more blooms
Sedum ‘Stewed Rhubarb Mountain’ – definitely looked the part (isn’t it gorgeous?)
Rose ‘The Fairy’ – such a perfect spray of tiny frothy flowers, like a 1950s petticoat
Nigella seed pods – again, they just look the part
Cosmos ‘Candy Stripe’ – a vintage look, and cutting should give me more flowers.

I suppose a vintage china teapot would have made a good receptacle if I had one, but shabby chic nevertheless still strives for classiness so a car boot Edinburgh Crystal vase IMG_2913was chosen and the flowers crammed into it – a roomier vessel would have produced a completely different result, but whether or not it would have been an improvement is anybody’s guess. The Pink Perpetué were shedding petals from the moment they were picked, particularly as they required a bit of a shake to rid them of resident earwigs – but the petals made a good prop. Also, the damp morning meant poor light inside and necessitated outdoor pictures but the soft rain added additional ambience to the overall effect.

Surprisingly, I couldn’t detect any scent from the roses but the two sweet pea stems are already pumping out their fragrance and justifying being cut and brought into the house. Smell is only one of our senses though, and bringing material into the house from our gardens (as well as the choosing and picking processes themselves) can trigger all sorts of associations using many of our senses – including that perhaps undefinable ‘sixth sense’. Monday mornings have become a voyage of discovery – a journey that those of us posting a vase on Monday can thoroughly recommend, whether on a weekly or less frequent basis. If you would like to join us, post your vase of pickings and link it to and from this post so we can share in your pleasures.


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48 Responses to In a Vase on Monday: Shabby Chic

  1. Annette says:

    This looks not a bit shabby, my dear, and I like it very much, especially the presentation with the petals and that lovely chair, It looks very romantic and girlish (in a great way!) and how wonderful to find you have included my beloved Clematis Praceox. Happy Monday! …and here is my vase, sort of a lunchtime project 😉 :

    • Cathy says:

      Thanks Annette – and as I gazed out of the window at the rain later on today I noticed a whole swathe of Cjp flowers clambering through Rambling Rector foliage….looks lovely (will post a picture in due course)

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  3. jenhumm116 says:

    Hi Cathy – I love your arrangement, very whimsical! Lovely to see roses featuring still.
    Mine’s here, and as I say in the title, a terrible cheat, but, in my opinion, a lovely vase –

    • Cathy says:

      Hi Jen – a week or two ago I wouldn’t have thought I would be able to include other than an odd rose but, despite the cooler turn the weather has taken, there were several clusters I could have chosen from – so I grabbed a cluster of blooms while I could. Cheating though? No, not if it gives you pleasure – I’m off to check up on you now!

  4. What a beautiful vase Cathy perfectly presented with the roses shedding petals and white chair to really make it stand out….very shabby chic and one of my favorite styles. Those roses are stunning and I adore fairy roses and have a few. I have not made a vase with roses this year due to the lack of them, but hopefully in fall we may have a few more and I might have a chance to cut a few.

    Here is my vase with a monochrome theme:

    • Cathy says:

      Thanks Donna – the Fairies have been a bit sparse this year until now – and the sprig I included was just SO perfect. I probably need to prune them differently to get denser bushes in the future. Hope you do still get some roses worth picking this year.

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  6. Christina says:

    Not so shabby Cathy but definitely chic. Nice to have enough roses to pick at this time of year but what I really love is that Sedum, I’ll have to look for it. Here’s my post: Thanks for hosting

    • Cathy says:

      Thanks Christina – I am chuffed to be able to pick roses again – didn’t expect to. The sedum is really bulking up nicely, and it’s not too tall either. Ostrich plumes… asters?

  7. Cathy says:

    I think that looks so pretty in the soft light! And it is good to see that summer blooms are still in your garden, even if the weather isn’t quite so summery! And yes, that sedum really is gorgeous. Here’s my vase… cheating a bit this week as short on time! Thanks Cathy, and enjoy the rest of the bank holiday!

    • Cathy says:

      Even though it was grey outside the light was just right for the vase and I am pleased with the photos – which I am not always, as you know! There is certainly less to choose from in the garden now, so I grabbed the roses before they went!

  8. I love shabby chic. This is lovely!

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  10. Christina says:

    Hope you’re enjoying the Bank holiday, here’s a second vase: You really have started something with this meme, I’m becoming obsessed!

  11. Chloris says:

    Lovely. I am certainly going to look out for that Sedum.

  12. Kris P says:

    Shabby or not, the roses are luscious, Cathy. I love all the elements in the vase, including the fallen petals. I can’t believe you still have sweet peas – mine were gone by mid-May. My vase this week is something of a cheat:

    • Cathy says:

      Hi Kris – as this is the first year I have had success with sweet peas I wasn’t sure how long they would keep flowering for, but generally they have flowered for three months so far, except on one obelisk where perhaps it was too dry or too shady.

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  14. I love shabby chic, and I unabashedly love pink, so I love that bouquet! I’m so glad I found this meme because it reminds me to bring some of the outside beauty in! (Though one of my bouquets this week is on an outside table!). Here’s my Monday vase offerings:

    • Cathy says:

      I am afraid I would happily choose pink for my vases most weeks too but I do make an effort to vary them when I have a range of flowers to choose from – which won’t be for much longer…! Look forward to seeing your special, Kimberley!

  15. pbmgarden says:

    Beautiful. This has an air of romance and nostalgia Cathy. I like your sedum. You’ll see I used some too this week (and some pink). Something in the air? Thanks for hosting.

    • Cathy says:

      Yes, romance and nostalgia …. I like that description and think it fits the bill. The sedum has been a popular inclusion today – I wonder which one you have used?

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  17. Julie says:

    What beautiful shades of pink Cathy – I love the way the rose petals have artfully dropped around the arrangement! As Downton Abbey should be making an appearance on our screens very soon I think a crystal vase is absolutely the right vessel to show off your flowers.

    My contribution this week is at

    • Cathy says:

      Thanks Julie – it went together well, although I did struggle to cram everything in! 🙂 Your vase sounds intriguing…..

  18. Gosh that is lovely–especially placed on a beautiful intricate chair like you’ve done. I absolutely love this meme–and hope to join in next Monday. Cheers!

  19. Elizabeth W says:

    Hi Cathy, your shabby chic arrangement is so beautiful. The many different shades of pink are so lovely together and the nigella seed pods are just perfect. I’ve taken a leaf (pardon the pun) from your book today and photographed outside … the light is so much better. Here’s the link:

    • Cathy says:

      Thanks Elizabeth – it always surprises how well things often come together as they tend to be picked quite randomly in the hope that it won’t be a dog’s dinner!

  20. Sally says:

    Beautiful, beautiful arrangements! There’s something so soothing about pinks and purples…..

    • Cathy says:

      Thanks Sally – I try not to gravitate towards pinks every week but I could have so easily done so this summer! No idea yet what colour theme it might be next week, but my mind will already be on high alert for an idea if it pops into my head

  21. bittster says:

    Great collection of flowers there and so well put together. It really is nice to see roses again.
    I also like the sedum, it’s perfect for the vase. Do you like it in the garden as well?
    I kind of made it for the vase on Monday, you be the judge 🙂

    • Cathy says:

      Thanks Frank – I suppose I tolerated S Autumn Joy as it had come from a previous garden but it is not a patch on this one which looks far less ‘ordinary’ and is beginning to make a small statement. So yes, I do! Now please don’t make me out to be judge and jury for our vases – I am only the host, and it is up to you to judge whether it has brought you pleasure! 🙂

  22. Anna says:

    I smiled at your description of clematis jouiniana ‘Praecox’ this week Cathy. Your inclusion of ‘The Fairy’ has reminded me of a sad loss. Mine has joined the compost heap in the sky so I must seek a replacement. Although relatively late in coming into flower it lasted until relatively late in the year and is oh so pretty.

    • Cathy says:

      You might have smiled at my description of Cjp, Anna, but did you screw your face up in distaste?! Sorry about the demise of your Fairy – mine are very spindly but better than they were. Would you like to try a cutting?

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  24. AnnetteM says:

    I love the setting for your vase this week – so romantic.
    Here is my entry

  25. How beautiful, Cathy! The colours definitely scream “shabby chic”. So great to have a second flush of roses. Our “Silver Anniversary” has thrown up a whole host of fresh white buds. I had every intention, having the day off, of joining in with a vase of these rosebuds, possibly set off with ” Annabelle” (yet again!) and whatever else. But a change of plan – an unexpected day out – put paid to that! By the time we got home, the weather was too awful to consider flower picking. Instead, a previous display of dried lavender, was thrown on our first fire of the season. 😦

    • Cathy says:

      Hope you had a good day out, despite the weather! Perhaps you will still have some rosebuds next week to accompany our good friend A…. This year I have noticed for the first time which roses flower continuously and which have distinct flushes

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