A Little Gem

IMG_2735Having enjoyed seeing other people’s trees on the 7th of every month I have dithered for some time about joining Lucy’s tree-following meme at Loose and Leafy. Despite having a number of trees around the garden few are in a position where I could show anything other than a partial view, and of course the same partial view most months except perhaps when there is less foliage in the way. The exceptions are the witch hazels, of which I now have what could be called a small collection – some perhaps planted about ten years ago and a few very recent additions. The majority of them are planted where I can catch a glimpse of them from the house, which is why I chose to plant this one in a spot only a few feet away from the house, in a space vacated by an acer that is no more.

This is Hamamelis ‘Amethyst’, bought from Bluebell Arboretum in March and in fact dug from their nursery beds and potted up on the day. It was recommended that I kept it in the pot for a few months to give the roots a chance to establish before planting it out again, and it has only recently been planted in its chosen spot. Measured today it is all of 29″ (0.74m) tall.

IMG_2736Unlike the other witch hazels and in fact all the other trees in the garden it is still producing new leaves, each taking on a distinctively subtle stripey appearance until darkening to a uniform green. This variety has small lightly scented purple flowers, so will be very different to the orange, red and yellow shades of the others – will it flower next year? I will be checking every month for flower buds…

Thanks to Lucy for hosting this meme – do follow the links and have a look at other trees on a monthly basis.

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18 Responses to A Little Gem

  1. Chloris says:

    How nice that you are joining in with this meme. You will have something lovely to show us in the winter when our trees are looking bare and boring.
    I wouldn’t t call it a small collection, Cathy. I have been keeping count. It is a large collection.

    • Cathy says:

      Have you got a spreadsheet with all your favourite bloggers then, Chloris, keeping a record of our every move…? I now have space for another one of course (and I haven’t mentioned the other half-price one that I slipped into the woodland edge when nobody was looking…).

  2. Some of the trees are so large we can’t see their tops. With my tree I can’t even reach the lower branches. Your tree – we will see top-down as well as sideways so we will see much. Glad you decided to join us. Looking forward to the flowers. Wish we could smell them!

  3. bittster says:

    You’re lucky to have such a good source nearby for these little treasures, and I can already see next winter’s flower buds forming on your new addition. What a good find.
    Trees come in all sizes of course!

    • Cathy says:

      Yes indeed, Frank – and thank you for mentioning the buds. I posted in a rush and didn’t look at the tree in detail this time round 😉

  4. coastcard says:

    Really look forward to watching this … particularly in the early spring! Witch Hazel is such great stuff, to!


    • Cathy says:

      That’s why I like witch hazels, for the winter & early spring interest – I think the oil is extracted from the bark but I shall check it out by the next monthly tree post

  5. Anna says:

    Look forward to watching your diddy tree grow and flower Cathy.

  6. Pauline says:

    What a lovely little tree, I will enjoy watching it grow!

  7. An excellent addition to the collection. I am a tad perturbed, I’m sure by this time last year I was already admiring the many, many flower buds on my sole witch hazel. Welcome to tree following!

    • Cathy says:

      I hadn’t thought to check for flowers, but Bittster noticed there were buds on Amethyst. I went and checked my others and some have whilst some haven’t – but I am confident they will all flower in due course. Very excited that Amethyst will flower as such a small tree though!

  8. Never heard of a purple witch hazel before – must investigate further! Looking forward to seeing it flower. I assume spring, as usual?

  9. kate says:

    I love that stripeyness – gorgeous! And welcome to tree following – it’s great…

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