Not Tonight, Josephine

IMG_2115…but maybe in a day or two Clematis ‘Josephine’ will be fully open and showing herself off after several years without flowering. She has responded well to a changed location, but I  am still periodically surprised by things that suddenly rise like the proverbial phoenix after sitting quietly and minding their own business for a number of years.

The first flowering of the hawthorn that was planted in the ‘hedge’ that splits the woodland edge border was therefore an unexpected sight last week, but even more unexpected was to see it accompanied by flowers of Clematis montana var. wilsonii – the clematis was planted at the same time as the hawthorn, about ten years ago, and did flower for a few years before disappearing into the top of adjacent hazel trees. She was duly cut down to a more acceptable height but sulked for a number of years so I am well pleased to see her putting in an appearance again but will need to have a little chat with her to discourage her from running away with the hazels again.

IMG_2116IMG_2114And please remind me, someone, what this plant is? I recognise it but its name has slipped my mind…

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8 Responses to Not Tonight, Josephine

  1. Geraldine says:

    wow, that is one amazing flower!

  2. Christina says:

    The flower looks like a geranium but I’m not so sure about the foliage, so sorry not very helpful.

  3. Chloris says:

    Josephine is beautiful. I love Clematis wilsonii because it flowers long after the others and scrambles for miles. Your little flower is certainly a Geranium, perhaps it is your own seedling? I don’t know it.

  4. johnvic8 says:

    A beautiful clematis. I hope you will post a picture of it fully open…and especially when it goes to a seed head. Should be a sight.

  5. Hurrah for Josephine finally settling in. I know I should know what geranium that is but sorry, can’t remember.

  6. What a stunner “Josephine” is! Don’t plants never cease to amaze? I too think geranium but can’t advise further!

  7. What a gorgeous flower! If you had to choose only one flowering vine, I think this would be the one to choose! 🙂

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