In a Vase on Monday: Fire! Fire!

Unlike last week I had no advance idea of what today’s vase was going to include, and was on the turn of my ramble after checking the greenhouses (and ‘oohing’ and aahing’ at the new shelf, of course) when the brilliant red of these polyanthus in the ex-hot borders drew my attention. They were new last autumn and are probably at their most attractive now IMG_1575– what is more, today they were shouting “Fire! Fire! Pick me! Pick me!” Joining them in the posy were three tiny clumps of Uncina rubra, growing in the same bed, leaving me to think of another appropriately coloured contributor. There were still remains of flowers on the bidens, but too tatty and with foliage too green for this theme, and even the tiniest narcissi would  be too big. As I rambled back towards the house and past the various witch hazels I realised they might fit the bill, despite most of the flowers being over – and sure enough, ‘Harry’ spared me a little sprig with a hint of orange shred and the start of the distinctive seed pods (at least I assume that is what they are).

It only took minutes to put them all together in a stoneware inkpot and a little longer to find themed props – a vintage lead toy in the form of a water pump (to put the fire out) and a tactile piece of carnelian with swirling fiery colours weaving their way through it. Without the glass of a picture frame to produce unwelcome reflections photographing the vase was much easier this week too, with a simple but pleasing result.

The reasoning behind starting this Monday habit was to re-engage with a period when I used to pick a posy to take into work at the start of the week, something that fell by the wayside (along with rambling round the garden each morning) as pressures of work got in the way. The rambles were soon resurrected once I retired from work, but bringing a bit of the garden inside on a regular basis took until a few months ago but has proved to be both a challenge and a joy in many different ways. It made sense to suggest a ‘meme’ for others to contribute their own ‘vase’ on a Monday, and it has been lovely to share in the spirit of this – empowering too, for all contributors. You don’t need to post every Monday, and it doesn’t have to be flowers, but ideally something brought in from your own garden or plot – then leave a link from your post to this and vice versa.


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9 Responses to In a Vase on Monday: Fire! Fire!

    • Cathy says:

      Thanks Christina – I wouldn’t have thought their thin stems would, but the vulgaris I used a few weeks ago surprisingly lasted almost a week. Thanks for your contribution.

  1. Chloris says:

    Lovely Kathy, different coloured primroses are great the moment. I like your red one with that gorgeous piece of carnelian.

    • Cathy says:

      This is such a definite colour and not wishy washy at all, is it? The carnelian is really tactile and fits beautifully in my hand

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  3. Julie says:

    Well done Cathy – they certainly do look like they are on fire! I tend to overlook primroses and polyanthus when looking for pickings from the garden, but I am inspired to have a go with them now. I am so glad that you decided to get back into your weekly habit – this is the first time in my life I have done this regularly and it is making me appreciate the flowers in my garden so much more. As well as paying them more attention outside I also love having the blooms up close in the house where I can really study them and enjoy their beauty.

    You can find my contribution this week at

    • Cathy says:

      This time round it’s a completely different thought process for me – and less rushed. I love the challenge of coming up with a title too and finding the right container and props, not necessities I know but I love it all the same! I am so pleased it has triggered such enthusiasm for you 🙂

  4. pbmgarden says:

    Nice choice going with the strongly colored polyanthus Cathy. It has a commanding presence.
    I’m rather late posting but finally had time to finish up my post at

    Thanks for hosting this opportunity each week.

    • Cathy says:

      Narcissus and tea…? I am imagining already…. No worries about being later than some – just thanks for joining in.

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