A Mixed Bag

IMG_1552The two baskets at the front of the house are usually filled with blue pansies and some sort of dwarf narcissus over winter, but Aldi had some very pretty baskets of violas in the autumn so I used the contents of these instead along with some bronze carex. Realising I had not ordered any narcissi for the baskets I bought some half price iris (‘Harmony’?) from our local garden centre to include instead, but on finding a pot of what was labelled as ‘Pencrobar’, last year’s narcissus offering, I squeezed them in as well.

IMG_1553That was back in November, and now we have a very mixed bag: viola only recently picking up again after looking bedraggled for several months, and not all the expected pretty ‘sorbet’ colour,  the iris looking perky and pleased with themselves, the carex is looking… well, bronze and sedgy….. and the narcissi are looking like….. muscari….! Meanwhile, there is another pot of unlabelled bulbs looking suspiciously like narcissi of some sort – no doubt last year’s ‘Pencrobar’ – the moral of this being to label all bulbs retained for another year. Life is full of lessons, is it not?

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6 Responses to A Mixed Bag

  1. Christina says:

    Ah, life’s like that! But pretty all the same now. I don’t usually do baskets here as in summer they would have to be drop watered constantly if they weren’t to dry out completely. But you have given me an idea for winter baskets ( I did bring some with me when we moved here). In winter they wouldn’t need any more water than yours do, or not much more and it would be a good way of having some more colour nearer the house in winter, so thank you so much, I don’t know why I didn’t think of it before.

    • Cathy says:

      Glad to be of help, Christina! Our house directly fronts the street so it’s always nice to pull up in the car and have the baskets right in front of us – the summer baskets get commented on by neighbours but there is little reason for them to even notice these (which don’t get watered over winter at all, by the way)!

  2. Annette says:

    I quite like your mixed bag and think the colours go well together. It’s nice to be surprised too at times, no need to label it all. 😉 Have a sunny weekend, Cathy

    • Cathy says:

      Thanks Annette – and yes, but there are surprises and surprises, although as you say the baskets weren’t too bad despite the surprises. Have a good w/e too

  3. The nice thing about baskets is that you can try something completely different next time round. At some stage I want to get to grips with baskets or possibly tubs for the shady patch by the front door, something to brighten things up without being too shouty. I think I need to get some big jobs out of the way first though. I think the colours work well together, but it is shame the violas were straggly just when you wanted them at their best..

    • Cathy says:

      I suppose it would be nice to have bright but not shouty baskets all the year round – but definitely ones that mostly look after themselves as once I get past the front door I forget about ours…. The winter ones could do with some advance planning but I shall stick with my 3 shades of trailing petunia for the summer, samey or not!

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