Time for Beds

IMG_1549The pot size dilemma I mentioned a few days ago was quickly resolved, partly by helpful bloggers (as I knew it would) and also by the realisation that the potting tray which supposedly held 20 10cm pots was mislabelled, with the pots actually being 3″ or around 7cm and therefore only fractionally bigger than the other potting trays. Why I hadn’t twigged that before I don’t know, as they are so very obviously not 10cm or the 4″ equivalent – hey ho!

All the seedlings requiring pricking out have now been pricked out and the RHS seeds have been sown, other than the few that required chilling or stratification. The staging in the bigger greenhouse is crammed full of seedlings and space will become an even greater issue once those germinating inside have popped their noses above soil level (sometimes within only a day or two – so exciting!!) – a higher level narrow shelf is rapidly becoming a necessity! Although the half greenhouse has remained just about frost free without any heating it is not as warm during the day, presumably because the sun isn’t quite high enough to get to it behind its bigger brother, so I don’t want to move seedlings there too early.

Although it will probably be a couple of months before any of them are ready to be planted out it is still not to early to think about the cutting beds where some of them will be going. The two beds beside the greenhouse (bottom left) will have this change of use, whereas the bigger bed behind the wall (right) will be retained for some of the few edibles that will still be grown and the corner bed with the rhubarb could possibly have some ornamentals for cutting as well. I began using the former for ‘nursery beds’ last year to settle in various irresistable plant offers, so the process of finding a home for the occupants will need to start soon so the beds can be prepared – both of them have been giving up a regular offering of pebbles over the last few years which could do with being removed before anything else is done. And I now have my copy of Wellywoman’s book ‘The Cut Flower Patch’ to give me more guidance on growing specifically for cutting – do look out for it yourselves.

cutting beds

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12 Responses to Time for Beds

  1. Christina says:

    So many people (bloggers I mean) are starting cutting patches or beds this year. I think this is really exciting and a positive reaction against the terrible imported flowers that are for sale.

    • Annette says:

      Not all imported flowers are terrible by the way. There are lots of sustainable projects – e.g. Flower Valley in ZA – and we should not forget that some people depend on it too. The problem is rather how to find the good sources, I think.

    • Cathy says:

      Doing my vase on a Monday has stopped the temptation to buy the occasional bunch of something at my usual supermarket, although I have still bought for a gift – later in the year hopefully I won’t have to do even that!

  2. Annette says:

    Great to see you so busy and full of ideas, Cathy. I’ve been out sowing in the greenhouse too this afternoon but lots of pots gather in our sitting room, so I wonder if and when Monsieur will object. Unfortunately I don’t have enough room for plain cut flower beds and I quite like the idea of mixing them with the rest.

    • Cathy says:

      Have you dared ask Monsieur if he objects – or does he humour you in all your pursuits..? 😉 If it wasn’t for cutting down my pathetic veg attempts I wouldn’t have the space either, but these beds beside the greenhouse will do nicely. I shall have to re-do my map of the garden, won’t I?

  3. Anna says:

    It sounds as if your seed sowing activities are now definitely a work in progress Cathy. Make the most of the relative calm before the storm stage whilst it lasts 🙂

  4. Cathy says:

    Yes, it’s one thing keeping on top of it now…. 😉

  5. Isn’t it a wonderful book? I must get a post together about my mini cutting bed, though I am hoping to get another one set up once I have managed to move the greenhouse. I already have too many seedlings, and there are still more to sow. Ooops. Again…

    • Cathy says:

      And it’s getting good reviews too. I have definitely got too many aquilegia seedlings from my autumn sowings… but some of this year’s will go in the cutting beds and some in the borders so I can’t judge yet in terms of quantities but will learn by next year! What did you decide about the greenhouse in the end?

      • Doing minimal repairs to the cedar greenhouse for now, though also consulting our joiner friend, and moving the aluminium greenhouse to sit along side it. Turf being lifted, bricks cleaned off ready to build paths… Hopefuly in time for the inevitable overspill of seedlings!

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