Housing Crisis

That batch of seeds I showed yesterday has duly been sown (although the RHS ones are still unsorted), leaving me with a bit of a housing crisis. Despite mostly only sowing half-packets, for the first time realising the sense in not raising more plants than I need, I am now down to the last couple of half trays and a few quarter trays. Clearly I am going to have to rehouse some of the more established seedlings, potting-on not being something I have made a habit of in previous years – although the few seeds I did transplant last year did lead to stronger plants, so I now know it makes sense.

IMG_1507The autumn sown aquilegia will definitely be on the rehousing agenda as there are several trays of those, not all as established as the ‘Black Magic Mix (left), and the cerinthe (already thinned a little) and perennial malva (mallow) from a free packet of seeds are perhaps ready to move on as well. I am not sure where I will put more than 2 or 3 fully grown mallows though!

Already successfully rehomed, however, are the two ‘surplus’ urns, one in a more central part of the woodland edge border and the other at the end of a path between one of the main herbaceous borders and the clematis colonnade. The latter is indeed the perfect spot and one I should have thought of before as the path narrows almost to an apex and finishes against the fence, making the urn an ideal full stop. Both urns now look as if they have always lived in these locations!



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8 Responses to Housing Crisis

  1. Christina says:

    I think autumn sowing may be a good way for me to go too with flowering plants. The greenhouse is getting fuller by the day as I pot on tomato seedlings that still need some heat at night provided by the heated propagating trays. I’m surprised you sow Cerinthe in trays as it is one of the few plants that really seems to grow better sown direct and anyway they self seed so prolifically it is more a case of thinning out those that aren’t required or moving a few seedlings while they are young so they will establish in a new position.

    • Cathy says:

      I am hoping the cerinthe will self seed when they are in, Christina. The little direct sowing I have done in recent years has not been especially successful so I feel I have more control starting things inside where possible, but I have several things to sow direct this year but for the frist time they will be sown in a cutting bed and not amongst herbaceous things so hopefully there will be greater success. I need to learn which other things can be successfully sown in the autumn – well chuffed with early sowing of sweet peas though

  2. annette2121 says:

    Hi Cathy, What is the lovely splash of red in your bottom right picture? I magnified the photo and could see they were berries, but still not sure what plant it is.

  3. wellywoman says:

    I have just received another delivery of seeds I have ordered. I have NO idea how I’m going to grow them all. Still it’s going to be fun finding out. 😉

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