IMG_1364Anna of Green Tapestry was asking me about the ‘head’ that appeared in a recent picture of the species snowdrop border – so here it is. This is another of our ‘finds’, acquired probably from Swinderby Antique Fair a few years ago and carved from the root of a tropical magnolia from the Philippines or thereabouts. The way the carver has used the natural features is brilliant and we snapped it up immediately – particularly as the seller had brought it back himself and was asking a ridiculously cheap price.

Magnolia Man as I tend to think of him is just one of the quirky things that have been added to the garden over the years and which you might occasionally see in the background of another picture – whether others might consider some of them ‘art’ or not is another matter, but I like the unexpected, the upcycled, the quirk….. Hence we have the Cast Iron tree (scrap metal attached to a drain pipe), the Dinosaur (currently happier as a heap of bones as he needs to be pegged down), and the Naked Lady – although there is more……

quirkOnto a  more universally acceptable topic, the last of the snowdrops waiting to be identified is opening up (left) and surprised me by suggesting she is going to be a double, the markings indicating that it is a wayward bulb of Lady Beatrix Stanley (right). Lady BS took up residence in 2006 so at some stage this additional bulb must have upped sticks and gone AWOL but once identification is confirmed they can be reunited.

Lady BS

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14 Responses to Quirk

  1. Chloris says:

    I love your Magnolia Man but he does look as if he is looking over his shoulder, wide-eyed and with his mouth open in horror. What has he seen there? Is he worried that the Golfer is about to fall off the roof?

    • Cathy says:

      🙂 Would you believe you are the first person who has asked that, Chloris?! I shall have to have a word in his very large (and possibly singular) ear and ask him….

  2. rusty duck says:

    Magnolia man certainly seems quite upset, or surprised?
    I’m beginning to think Jacquenetta isn’t going to happen. I am just impatient? She’s in the greenhouse, too warm now the sun’s out maybe?

    • Cathy says:

      Perhaps Picasso’s take on Munch’s ‘The Scream’? I know some keep their special snowdrops in the greenhouse but I have never found it necessary and there is indeed a school of thought that suggest they don’t do as well in pots anyway. The pot of nivalis I brought into the house for one of the vases on Monday did not open and clearly were just going to dry up, so they went back outside after the week – and yet if I have brought an opening bud inside it would generally open in the warmth. If your bud is swelling the sunshine should encourage it to open, so perhaps it is too warm and dry in the greenhouse. Decisions, decisions…. but for me, I would plant it outside

  3. Magnolia Man looks a little melted, but it can’t be from the sun, sadly! I’ve never managed to add the quirk to my garden, though plenty of ideas go spinning through my head.

  4. annette2121 says:

    I love quirky things in gardens too – but like Janet have never managed to find anything. We have a great idea for a wall plaque though – does anyone know where you can get these made to order?

    • Cathy says:

      Well, Annette, my first thought would always be to do it myself. Depends on the size of the plaque – consider perhaps permanent marker or paint on a roof slate or floor tile, metal card making letters tacked onto wood, or fake stone: use chicken wire to make a 3D frame of the size and shape you want, mix cement and peat and apply to the upper surface of the framework, smooth it down then incise your lettering on it with a a sharp stick or skewer. When dry apply mixture to reverse, or do reverse side first. You could accentuate the lettering with paint afterwards if you wanted. If you wanted to pay someone to make a plaque you could of course go to a stonemason – cost? a few hundred pounds, I expect. DIY version? Negligible.

  5. Anna says:

    Thanks for the formal introduction to Magnolia Man Cathy 🙂 He looks full of character and mischief. The patches of green enhance his appearance especially the tongue. I like a bit of quirk particularly during the winter months. I’m not so sure about the Lady B identity – have a peek here :

    • Cathy says:

      And what sort of quirk do you go in for, Anna?! Re Lady BS, it was hard to show comparable pictures as the definite LBS wouldn’t keep her head still, and the possible LBS wasn’t fully open – I have peeked at ‘Judy”s pictures and I am still virtually certain it is she. Once I knew it was going to be a double there were only a few of my originals it could have been which made identification easier. Thanks for assisting me anyway 🙂

  6. Holleygarden says:

    Love the quirky double snowdrop, as well as your Magnolia Man! I can imagine how surprised people are when they walk by and see him! Fun!

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